My Mantels love a good Party! {Valentine’s Day ♥ Mantel Decorating}

24 Jan
My Mantles love a good party. They look forward to Beth’s Valentine Mantel Party all year. It’s a great time for mantels to get together and socialize – lol. Seriously though, Beth’s Mantel parties are really fun.
Last year I went all romantic and flowery and loved it!! 
This year I wanted to do something a little different — so I went a little more whimsical. 
I have always wanted to make a Boa Wreath, and what better holiday to make one for than Valentine’s Day? It’s just about the only time of the year that pink boas look good – lol! 

I found this little sign at Hobby Lobby {1/3 off – $3} and I made a little LOVE vinyl with my Silhouette to dress it up a little. I also made some organza flowers with little sparkly rhinestones in the center and hot glued those on. 
I finished it up with some whimsical polka dot ribbon. 
I can’t resist polka dots!! 
Going along with my PINK theme, I found some pink plates at Tai Pan and cut out some vinyl with my Silhouette for those.  I love the silhouette of the boy and girl kissing. I put a bow and pink rhinestone in the girl’s ponytail to give it a little 3-D action. 
And the ampersand is so graphic in the other plate. Then I took some left over ribbon and wrapped it around the top of my candle holders. I found those at Target about 7 years ago on clearance. Gotta love the clearance section!! 
I also made some paper hearts and put them in my cloche on the coffee table.
I still love my Coffee Filter Pom Poms. So pretty and romantic!
And here’s my family room mantel all dressed up.
Be sure to check out the beautiful mantels over at The Stories of A2Z !!!

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