Guest Project — {Bow and Arrow} Valentine Wreath Tutorial

28 Jan
bow and arrow wreath
TGIF Tatertots & Jello readers!
I’m Maggie, your guest blogger today from Black and White {Side by Side}.
blackandwhitesidebyside image
Black and White {Side by Side} is my growing collection of do-it-yourself home, wedding and party ideas + random other things that catch my eye 🙂 Come by and check it out!
Today, I’m excited to share with you my “Bow and Arrow” Valentine Wreath tutorial. YOU are the crafty ones I admire every weekend at the Tatertots & Jello Weekend Wrap Up Party and I can’t wait to see what you will do with the little bit of inspiration that I hope this tutorial provides ðŸ™‚

1. Start by wrapping a 12″ straw heart wreath in yarn. I’m not going to lie, this part takes awhile. Turn on the TV, watch a movie, call a friend! It’s easy, mindless crafting, so do something fun at the same time 🙂 Also, save yourself a step and don’t bother taking off the plastic wrapping around the wreath.
cupids arrow wreath 1
2. Make “Cupid’s Arrow”. Standard 12″ dowel rods available at your local craft store are just a tad short for this project. You will need one full 12″ dowel rod and a small piece of another.
tip on cutting dowel rods
The dowel rods are easy to push through the straw wreath frame. Push the full 12″ one through first. This should cover the bottom left portion of the arrow, through the middle. Cut a small piece of a second dowel to complete the upper right portion of your arrow. Embellish with felt to complete the look you want!
I used hearts for the point of my arrow and a semi circle for the bottom fin.
3. Create a custom banner.I had this “love” vinyl decal laying around, so I applied it directly to a long strip of cream felt. But don’t let me stifle your creative ideas! Individualize your banner with something special for you and your Valentine!
These vinyl decals are not intended for fabric application, but hey – it worked for me! Give it a try!
4. Finishing touches. I snipped the ends of my banner to make prettier tails and then attached it to the wreath with straight sewing pins. Use a hot glue gun to attach stiffened felt to the back of your banner before pinning it on.
Applying stiffened felt, only to the middle of the banner.
Add more of the stiffened felt to give the tails of your banner some structure.


Hang with some decorative ribbon and a lovely bow!
Get it? BOW and ARROW wreath? ðŸ™‚
bow and arrow wreath
The little fin gets lost in the black background, but it shows the rest of the wreath so well, I had to include it!
I hope you’re feeling inspired to make one for your front door ðŸ™‚
Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines Day!
P.S. Jen, Thank you so much for allowing me to guest post on your amazing site! Your positive and do-it-yourself attitude inspire me! I feel encouraged everyday when I stop by Tatertots and Jello to see what’s new! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!
xoxo – Maggie

Maggie – that is amazing!!

I love the arrow through the wreath. So cute!! 
I have loved Maggie’s blog Side by Side for so long. You will love all of her awesome projects!! 
{Love this Quick and Easy Valentine Decor}
Be sure to check out all the fun happening at Black and White {Side by Side}!!

PS — I am getting organized over at Brooklyn Limestone today!  

PPS – And am sharing a fun organization post over at Brown Paper Packages today!!I’m getting so organized!!!!


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