Guest Project — "Love Juice" Valentine’s Day Gift Idea {with free printable}!!

2 Feb

Hi, I’m Kalleen from At Second Street. 
I’m a mother of four who crafts to keep myself sane. 
Valentines is one of my favorite holidays.  Not because I’m into all the lovey couple stuff. I have so many fond memories of making valentines boxes, delivering valentines, receiving gifts from cupid and the giant heart cookies my mom would make. 
Since my kids can’t make boxes like I did, I’ve decided to help them make special valentines to give out to classmates. I was inspired to make Love Juice packets one day when my kids were begging me to have some of my Crystal Light. 

There is something magical about mixing some up. 
And they are delicious. 
What I used:
  • a bottle of water
  • Hawaiian punch singles ($1 for a pack of 8 at Walmart)
  • a roll of heart wrapping paper (from targets $1 bins), scrapbook paper will work too.
  • avery file folder labels #48366
  • card stock for heart labels
  • ribbon
  • paper straws
  • tape 
First remove water bottle label and replace with a 2″ strip of wrapping paper. I taped mine in place. 
Print heart labels on card-stock. 
You can find them HERE. Make sure to print in the landscape setting. I cut and matted (optional) my label. Then taped it to the middle, front of bottle with double sided tape. 
Next I applied my Love Juice label to the mix pouches. 
You can print my labels HERE
***update– the link is now fixed!
*They are formatted to only print on Avery file folder labels #48366. 
I punched a hole in the top of the pouch and strung a ribbon through it.  I tied a knot around the neck of the bottle keeping it loose enough that I could slide a straw through as well. 
That’s it, they are ready to be delivered.
Thanks so much for sharing your day with me Jen.
You are one of my favorite people in blogland.

 Thanks Kalleen!! 

That is absolutely adorable — just like everything you do. 

If you haven’t checked out At Second Street — hop over there ASAP.

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 {Valentine Mail Pouch}
 {Bunting Cake}

 {Owl Shower}

You’ll see why At Second Street is at the top of my Must-See Blogs! 



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