Tupperware Giveaway {Stack Cooker Starter Set – $80 value}

9 Feb
One of my favorite parts of blogging is helping to get the word out about  mom-based businesses.
So when my friend Heidi from Craft Monkey contacted me about her new Tupperware business, I thought it would be so fun to spotlight her business.
Have you seen the new Tupperware line? Let me tell you — it’s not your grandma’s Tupperware.
Heidi sent me a few pieces to review and I was so impressed with the quality and the ingenious design. 
Plus — it’s so stylish!!
These Modular Mates would be great for a pantry redo! And they are on sale 40% off until Friday!

Some other pieces that I love are:
These Fridge Stackables — such a space saver. They are on sale too.
 I love this mold – you can make your own, homemade granola bars!!
This portable salad container is such a good idea for bringing a healthy lunch to the office or school.
How about a Mini Cupcake Carrier – love!!
The SmartSteamer is so cool. You use it in your microwave, but it directs the heat into the water so that it perfectly steams food. And you can cook two different things at once. 
Heidi sent me these fun Tupperware items. They are all really cool. I love the mini pitcher for pouring pancakes! And the jello mold is awesome — such a cool shape and the removable center makes taking the mold out a snap! 

Not only is Tupperware functional, but it’s a great investment because it comes with a lifetime guarantee!!  
Plus, it’s a great business for moms – contact Heidi to find out more about this.
Heidi is giving away:
A Tupperware Stack Cooker Starter Set &
Recipe Book! 

This set let’s you use your microwave to prepare perfect meals. 
You can make a perfect meal in less than 30 minutes with this system!
Prepare ingredients, and then pop the
whole meal into the microwave!

The Cone turns the 3-Qt./2.8 L Casserole into a tube pan for making
in the Microwave.

The 3 quart is ideal for cooking rice in the Microwave. Just set it and
forget it…perfect rice every time!

Great for family meals, that you want to cook fast. Plus you will also get a recipe book that shows you how to use this system! 

{This system retails for $80 with all of the above pieces.}

Here’s how YOU can win: 

  • Check out Heidi’s Tupperware site. What is The Name of your favorite item {excluding the ones I have talked about in this post}? one entry. 

  •  Check out Heidi’s blog — Craft Monkey. Leave a comment or follow. one entry each.
  • Let me know if you make a purchase or book an online party with Heidi. one entry each. 
  •  Share this giveaway — through Twitter, Facebook, or on your blog. one entry each.
{this giveaway will run until Monday, February 14th}
Have a Great Day!!! 

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