Guest project — $5 DIY Organization Bins!!

18 Feb
 Hi! I’m Jessie from
 I’d like to share my DIY Organization Bins with you.

wanted to buy some organization baskets for our new built-in desk area
but instead of forking over the cash, I decided I would make my own.
 Well, I decided Mike would make some for me.  We have some scrap wood
in our garage that Mike cut to size (10 inches long) and nailed together
for me.
 He nailed 1×4 pieces of wood for the front and 2×2 pieces of
wood for the sides and bottom.  Here is what it looked like:

I then covered them with this cute polka dot fabric.  I didn’t really have any scientific method
to covering it, I basically tried to wrap it like a present.  Folding
and stapling  and cutting in a few places until it was covered to my

Next, we added some little hangy things (is there a name for these?) and put some nails in the wall to hang them from.

Then we made sure they were level and hung them.  I left 5 inch gaps
between the boxes when I hung them to leave room for the mail/papers we
will store there.

The last thing we did was put a nail on the front and hang little
chalkboards for bin labels.
 Ya know that cute little dog I talk about
all the time?  Well sometimes he does things that aren’t that cute.  One
of those things?  We blame him for being one chalkboard short.  The
culprit has been known to eat things and since I had 3 chalkboards
laying on the desk yesterday and can only find 2 today…yep, we’re
blamin him.  So my middle box is missing it’s label but it’s fine for
now.  I can always get another one for $1.00 next time I’m at Joann’s.

Anyway, here’s the final product:

Cute, huh?

Total cost
for the project: $5.  
I had a coupon for Joann’s and got this fabric
for $3.50 and then found the chalkboards there too for $1.50.
easy, and functional.
Thanks Jessie!! I love this idea.

You can make the holders any size and use different fabrics to match any decor!! 
Jessie has great DIY ideas.
I love her entryway. She made these projects and the bench she made from boards! 
I love her DIY built-in desk space. She also made the stool cover and has a helpful tutorial on how to do it: 
Her Kitchen Island is another great project. She painted it, added beadboard and a new top. So pretty! 
Be sure to stop by for some DIY inspiration!!!

PS — It’s Round 3 of Amercian Crafter — come vote for YOUR favorites!!!
The theme this round is — Vintage!! 

PPS It’s Friday. My favorite day of the week!!! I hope you will stop by tonight for a little fun at The Weekend Wrap Up Party. I am excited to see what YOU are working on!!! The party starts at 6pm {MST}. 

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