My New Windows 7 Notebook PC from Staples!

2 Mar

If you follow me on twitter you may know that I have been having major issues with my laptop. My 10-month old HP was having a hard time.
I’ve had two keyboards fall apart on me … and recently the hard drive crashed and it has been refusing to
boot. (I think it’s a fan problem.) I need to send it in for service but I
can’t bear to be without it.
So when Glam contacted me about receiving a new Windows 7 Notebook PC from Staples —  I was so excited!! 
{ I may have done a happy dance – just sayin’}

I actually love Staples because of all of their office supplies – but I hadn’t really checked out their computers before. They have quite a collection of laptops, with even more available online. I spent about an hour trying to decide which one would be perfect. They had HP, Toshiba, Acer and Dell models to choose from. Many of the laptops were on sale too. I finally decided on a Toshiba — sleek and fast!
The salesman, Coby, was a great help. He explained all of the features of the computer and when I was ready to checkout, he took care of all of the details.

Now this is my favorite part of the entire experience — the FREE data transfer. Staples is having a special right now — it’s usually $79 but right now is free. All  had to do was drop off my old laptop and Coby moved everything over to the new one. 
I dropped the computer off with him at 4 pm and it was done by 9pm.  
That was wonderful!! 
I opted to go with the 2-year warranty to be safe. Since my husband travels so much and he’s the one that usually fixes my computer, I thought it was a good idea. If something goes wrong all I have to do is take it back to Staples and they will fix it for me for no charge. Totally worth it, in my opinion.
And another cool thing is Staples throws in free Windows 7 classes right now if you purchase a laptop through them. I really should do that so I can find out about all of the new features.
The Toshiba runs Windows 7 (Home Premium 64-bit) very fast
it is very snappy even compared to my last laptop, and it’s light years ahead
of the one I was using even two years ago. Windows 7 is a lot easier to use than
Windows XP – the wireless setup is easier, it’s easier to manage files, and it
even has cool media features to play DVDs and music.
The snipping tool is my favorite. Toshiba’s put some other
stuff on the laptop I’m dying to try like the automatic face recognition when I
log in. 
I am LOVING my new computer.  
Keep your eyes open for super-fast blog posts from me from now on with this new system – LOL!!!
*disclosure — I received this computer from Glam, Staples and Microsoft — but all opinions are my own.

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