DIY Entertainment Unit Remodel {Update}

3 Mar
 Here’s a couple updates
on what’s happening in our family room. 
Right before I left to go to
Blissdom, we ripped apart our built-in entertainment unit: 
 {sorry – this is a really old picture before we painted the room}
Our neighbor and handyman, Brent helped us install a false-back to hide the
cords and help hold up the top part of the unit {it’s attached to studs
in the wall too}. And then we installed beadboard with a panel that can
be opened in case we need to get into the wires back there. Here’s a
shot of the beadboard.
Now I just have to paint. 
And thanks everyone who voted on what color to paint it. 
The winning vote was  Pottery Barn White. {{I’m so excited}}
I am going to start on it this weekend!!! 
 Here’s another shot. We built a floating shelf to hold the AV components but haven’t moved them up there yet. And do you like Ella’s picture that she taped up – lol? Just keeping it real 🙂
  I picked these knobs up for the drawers. They were on clearance. 
I’m still trying to decide if they are the perfect ones…
I can’t wait to show you the whole thing once it’s done!!
 I also think I am going to slipcover my couch in something a little lighter. 
What do you think?
maybe something like this?
 And maybe get a rug like this eventually: 
And here’s something I love — 
I met a talented girl on Twitter last week, Ashley from The Shine Project
Isn’t she cute?? Well, she has thought up a wonderful idea called 
Ashley makes beautiful necklaces:
And she is contributing $$ from each necklace into Shine Project Scholarship fund!

“In January 2012, the money from The Shine Project will be going to
the first ever Shine Project Scholarship award
for an inner city school student’s college education.”

I thought that was a really cool idea. 

{I love seeing people that are trying to make the world a better place} 

What is something YOU are loving this week??


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