30-minute Textured Embellishment Pillow

16 Mar
 I made this little pillow the other night. 
I guess I didn’t realize that St. Patrick’s Day is so close!  
But you could actually make this pillow for any occasion — just change the word out to whatever you want to say. 
 This is a basic, envelope pillow which requires no zipper. Cheryl from A Pretty Cool Life has a great 10-minute Pillow Cover Tutorial that will show you how to make one.
I used my Silhouette to make the word “Lucky” and I had some left over pink heat transfer material left over from my Valentine’s Pillows, so I used that. But if you don’t have a Craft Cutter, you could stencil a word on your pillow. OR, write on it with Sharpie. Have you seen the Sharpie pillows from Dear Lillie?
I like the combination of pink and green — kind of preppy! 
When you are using Heat Transfer material, be sure to flip your image {mirror image} on your settings. 
I attached the word to my pillow cover with my iron.  
Then I made a messy, textured arrangement.
To do this I took 5 different types of material. I ripped each strip of material 1 inch wide by 16 inches in length. I ripped 2 or three strips for each pattern of material. So I ended up with about 15 different strips of material. I also had a length of lace left over from a different project, so I added that too. 
Then I made three Rolled Flowers. I have a detailed Rolled Flower tutorial here if you want directions on how to make these. 
I love adding these little rolled flowers to all sorts of projects. They are very versatile. Then I looped the material up in a messy arrangement and sewed a few straight stitches across all of the strips with my sewing machine to anchor them all in place. 
The last thing I did was take a needle and thread and sew on the three rolled flowers on top of the arrangement. I also put some fabric glue under each of the flowers to make sure they were really attached well.

So that’s my Quick and Easy 30 Minute Textured Embellishment Pillow.  
You could make one with your daughter’s name on it or one for Spring with — 
BLOOM, WELCOME or HAPPY {instead of Lucky} and stick it on a chair on your front porch! 
I was also thinking the embellishment might be fun to make into a brooch or a headband…
I hope you are having a Wonderful Week 🙂
 I’m linking up to the Spring Fling!!

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