Guest Project — 10-minute Easter/Spring Wreath!!

17 Mar
First off—thanks so much Jen for the opportunity to share with your readers! What an honor!!
Cleverly Inspired
I’m Tracie from Cleverly Inspired
I was on the hunt for a fabulous, large, springy wreath. 
 I wanted it to last past Easter—so I chose to make it simple and classic…and springy!
Super easy—and I made it in 10 minutes!
Think spring!
Start with 2 grapevine wreath forms (one is 24inches, one is 14inches…)
Set the small one inside the large one—makes it look nice and full! Take some floral wire and wire the wreaths together in 3 spots.
I found this paper butterfly in the gift wrap section of Hobby Lobby—thinking outside the box right!?! And these soft florals are so springy!
I attached 3 large hydrangea blooms around the butterfly–attach with floral wire. Twisting it tightly around the back of the wreath.
That’s it! Perfect to keep up all spring!
I love it!
Be Inspired to be Clever 😉

Thanks Tracie — beautiful Spring Wreath. 

and your home is so amazing!!
I am loving Tracie’s blog –

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Don’t miss out on Tracie’s Great Idea and Projects 

at Cleverly Inspired!!


PS — If you follow TT&J on Facebook — you might have seen that Juli is making quilts for Japan. Check out her latest post to find out how you can help!!
Please spread the word on this worthy project!!

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