Why I love Windows 7 and Staples Giveaway!!

17 Mar
Update: The winner of the $50 Staples Gift Card is: #21 Cheryl @ Boondock Mama
 Send me an email and I will get that gift card in the mail to you!! jennifer@tatertotsandjello.com

I am still loving my new Toshiba Windows 7 laptop from Staples. It’s super fast and easy to use. I also really love Windows 7. It has a lot of features that are new and make my blogging life easier.
If you are thinking about switching over to Windows 7, 
I have made a little Windows 7 Top Five list: 

1. The snipping tool. Such a cool and handy tool. If there
is a picture, or banner that I need for a post, all I do is get the
snipping tool out and I can grab the image in no time flat.

2. The new windows key shortcuts.
I can just press the windows key on my keyboard, type “snip” and hit
(Enter), and it loads the snipping tool quickly. I can do the same thing
with other programs I use a lot like TweetDeck. If you have Windows 7,
try it now: push the windows key, type a few letters of the program you
want, and if it’s the first item on the list that appears you can just
hit enter after you type those letters in the future.

3. The power management is wonderful
it seems to go to sleep and handle itself better than it used to as
well. Seems to come “alive” faster and wake up so I can get to work in a
hurry!! I hate waiting around šŸ™‚

4. And that Windows key
trick works for anything.
For example, if I am looking for a project or
a picture that I took and saved with the name “burlap,” I can just
press the windows key and type burlap — and the top files for that word
will appear. If I want to see more, I just click “see more results.”

5. While I’m talking about the Windows key, there’s a neat new way to
switch between applications, too.
Longtime Windows users might remember
that Alt-Tab switches between programs you’re running. but now in
Windows 7, when you press Windows key-Tab, you can switch between little
pictures of the windows you have open — it looks neat and makes
switching around really fast. (Just keep holding the Windows key while
you repeatedly press Tab to rotate through the Windows). (Vista used to
do this, but it didn’t do it very well and was slow!)

6. I have to confess that I think the “eye candy” is fun, too. The
downloadable background wallpaper (themes) are cool, and some rotate
automatically. The windows look neat, too, and I can choose a bunch of
different color combinations.

7.When I need someone to help me with my PC but they’re not where I am, the Remote Assistance
feature is pretty cool — I can authorize someone else using Windows 7
to control my computer remotely with a special invitation only I can
give them. It’s much easier than any other app I’ve used to do this kind
of thing, and it makes it easy for me to get help from my husband or
anyone else.

 Ok, that’s seven things, not five. 
I couldn’t narrow it down. 
I guess that means that I am enjoying Windows 7.

Thanks again to the
Glam Network, Staples and Microsoft for the opportunity to participate
in this fun campaign. I love my new laptop!!
And guess what??  
They have given me a $50 Staples gift card to give to one of you!!! 
 That’s fun! 
Just think of the great things you could buy. 
New office supplies, paper supplies, or put it toward a new camera or even a new laptop {wink}. 

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • What would YOU buy with the $50 Staples gift card? Let me know. one entry. 
  • Become a Fan of Staples on Facebook – find out about their campaigns and contests. one entry.
  •  Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or your blog. one entry each.
**Note — this is a quick giveaway!! Winner will be announced TOMORROW!! 

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