Spring Sweater Refashion #4 {Tutorial}

22 Mar
green sweater header
Welcome to my quest to refashion my wardrobe!
My fourth Spring Sweater Refashion started off as a plain, green sweater from Target.
It hung in my closet without much wear because it was so plain and I wasn’t sure what to wear with it.
straight on
I decided to add some embellishments to one side of it, using some of my fabric scraps from my craft room. This is a 1.5 hour project, just because making the rosette flowers are a little time consuming.
But totally worth it, I think!!
green sweater and fabric

Here’s what you need:
  • Sweater or cardigan
  • 7-8 different coordinating fabrics {I used some fat quarter squares that I had in my fabric stash}
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric Glue {optional}
Here’s what you do:
green sweater cut fabric
1. Cut your coordinating fabric in 1 inch strips.
green sweater ruffle strips
2. Take two of the fabrics and ruffle it up by sewing a big seam down the center of the fabric. I used 4 feet of 1” strips to make the ruffle on my sweater.
green sweater zig zag
3. Once the strips are ruffles, lay them on one side of the sweater in a zig zag pattern.
green sweater pin the ruffles
4. Pin the ruffles in place. Then sew the ruffles onto the sweater.
green sweater make rosettes
5. Now make some fabric flowers with the other fabric strips. I have a fabric rosette tutorial on how to make fabric flowers if you want to check it out.
I made 9 different flowers in different sizes. To make the flowers different sizes, all you do is use different lengths of fabric strips. The shorter the length of fabric = the smaller the flower.
green sweater weigh down
6. Once your flowers are done, use a needle and thread to attach them to the sweater. I also put some Beacon fabric glue under the flowers to keep them even more securely in place.

after green and white
7. If you are using fabric glue, you can use some weights like books to press the flowers onto the sweater securely. Note – if you are using fabric glue, be sure that there is some wax paper underneath the sweater so the fabric glue doesn’t seep through the front of the sweater onto the back. I found this out the hard way – lol!
fray check
8. And if you don’t like the frayed look of the unfinished edges, use a product like “Fray Check” on the edges. This will stop the edges from fraying.
closeup green and white
Then you are done!
Enjoy your new, unique sweater!!


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PS I have a fun Home Decor tutorial coming up tomorrow!

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