Chevron Pennant Tutorial {Silhouette project}

23 Mar

I may have an addiction to Pennants/Bunting. 
I think it is adorable and I want to make one for every room and every occasion – lol. I have been anxiously waiting for some of Silhouette’s Fabric Interfacing and was so excited when it came the other day. 
I decided to make a project that combines three of my favorite things right now — 
Polka Dots, Pennants and Chevron!!

{Chevron Pennants}

And Canvas Corp sent me a fun box of products the other day to make projects with – thanks! I got out some canvas pennants, 5 different polka dotted material, my Silhouette, the Silhouette Transfer paper and some cool Canvas Corp. rope and set to work.

I downloaded a Chevron Border from the Silhouette Online Store. And then I just made it as wide as the widest width on the pennants and copied it on the screen so that the screen was as long as each pennant.

Then I cut out the Silhouette Fabric Interfacing material in a sheet that size — 8 inches by 8 inches. I did this for each of the pennants that I wanted to make. And then I cut out a piece of material that was the same size. To make the fabric stick to the interfacing, you iron it on. So I did that. And then you peel the backing off the interfacing and it’s ready for the Silhouette!

Then I cut the chevrons out. You use your cutting mat. I put my pink cap on and set the depth to the highest it would go. To make it cut all the way through along the whole chevron, it’s smart to set your Silhouette to double cut the material. The material might bunch a little. Just set the speed really low and don’t freak out if it starts bunching up. I had to use my scissors on a few places where the material didn’t cut through all the way. Overall it worked out very well.


Once the material was cut out and the chevrons were all separated, I laid them out on my pennants and hot glued each chevron in a few places to keep it straight. At this point, you can hot glue all of the chevrons on and they look great like that. Or, what I did was once I attached them on the pennants, I sewed around each Chevron to give it a little more ooomph.


Then I took the small Canvas Corp. rope and sewed it on the back of the pennants. I left 3 inches in between each pennant. The last thing I did was cut 25 1 inch strips of the same material I used in the pennants and tied one set of each color in between each pennant.

I love it!! It looks so cute with my Chevron Plate on my mantle. And, they match my Damask Lamp Shade. So fun!

Just think of the possibilities now that Silhouette can cut fabric. I can’t wait to experiment some more!!! Silhouette is running a Special from now until March 27th (Sunday):

I am linking up to these fun parties – check them out!

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Have a Happy Happy Day!! 

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