My Dining Room Turned Craft Room/Office and show off YOUR space!

24 Mar

 The most emailed questions that I get are about my Dining Room that we turned into my Office/Craft Room. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house and definitely the room I spend the most time in. So I thought I’d write a little post about what we did!

Before it was a plain dining room. It’s a great shape — kind of square and has a pretty detailed ceiling with lots of molding. The problem was that we are very casual people and only used the room maybe 2 times a year. And it’s such premium space in our home. The light is great and instead of making an office in the basement, I thought it would be a great place for my office/craft room. Plus, it’s right next to the kitchen, so I can work on dinner while working on a project.

I knew I didn’t want it to be on full display like it was as a dining room. But I also didn’t want to close up that space completely, because the light flows from the front of the house to the back through that space and also, if we ever sold the house, maybe someone would want a formal dining room.

So we decided to drywall in the arch and install some wide french doors. I love the way it turned out. The only problem is that you can still pretty much see through the doors in to my mess. And let’s face it — that room is always a mess with all of the projects I have going on LOL! So I am in the process of putting Silhouette frosted vinyl on the panes. That way the light can still come in but you can’t see through as well.

I have had a lot of questions about the furniture for this room. The desk is from PB Teen.  It’s the Mega desk.

We used a tax refund to pay for it one year. And, yes, it is expensive, but I think totally worth the money because of the quality and the piece is a great size! I love that I can be working on a project and have my kids in there with me doing their homework. And if we have a big poster or something like that to work on, it totally fits on that desktop.

Another idea — I bet you could make this table with 4 file cabinets and 2 doors cut down a little. I’d love to see if anyone tries this!!! 

The top is wood and was getting pretty banged up, so I had a glass installer make a piece of glass to fit over the top. And I love the way it looks. It protects the top and it’s easy to clean too.

The tall and short cabinets are all from Ikea. Totally affordable. I love the white, clean look and the scrolly design.

The paint color is Behr Sparkling Apple. A very happy green!

If you would like to share your office/craft space, I’d love for people to see it. I’ve made a linky where you can add your space and show it off!! 
I will do an Creative Space Feature on Wednesday the 30th!!
Have a wonderful day!!! 

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