Guest Project — Cute & Colorful Chore Chart Tutorial {and giveaway}!

7 Apr
UPDATE — Giveaway closed. The winner was Jenni @ The Roseland Family
Hey TT & J readers!!
I have to say, I’m a little nervous/giddy/excited to be posting here today…
this amazing spot on the web has offered me tons of inspiration.
I can only cross my fingers that I can maybe inspire some of you today.
I’m Alicia and I write a blog called La Famille.
I’m a homeschooling mama of three, so a lot of my blog is about doing
fun things with my kids or projects I’m working on.
The project I’m sharing today was brought about as an attempt to
get my forgetful boys to remember their chores.
We offer them a certain amount of $$ per day and each day that
they do all their chores, they get their allowance…if
they forget, they don’t get it that day.
When Friday comes, it’s payday!
I thought coming up with a cute and colorful wipe-off list would maybe aid
them with getting all their work done….
so here’s what you need:

you also might want some ribbon…
I used hot glue to attach a piece of grosgrain ribbon where the two papers overlapped,
just to make it look a bit more finished.
Now, using rub-ons, stamps, or your computer, make a label for
your allowance pocket.
Well, there you have it! Cute, easy chore charts to keep your kids organized…
I’m also hoping to instill a love of lists, just like their mama has 🙂
Since hanging these up in the kitchen, my boys have loved checking things off their lists…
what a feeling of accomplishment to check things off your list…even for kids!
Thanks so much for having me over, Jen!
I’m completely psyched to be posting here today 🙂
Enjoy your sweet little kiddos doing all their chores you don’t want to do. 😉
PS: Since I’m so totally stoked about being here today, I decided to offer a little giveaway from my etsy shop, La Famille at Home.
Thanks Alicia!! 
What a fun tutorial!! I love your project and the scrabble times – cute!!
Check out some of Alicia’s other great ideas: 
{I love this DIY Bathroom Cabinet Alicia made}
{And she has great ideas on Homeschooling and Organizing}
And Alicia has a wonderful little shop: 
Where she sells adorable things like these burlap pillows: 
And Alicia is giving away two fun items from her store: 
{this adorable Chery Zippee bag — This little bag is the perfect place to stash your cash…or lip
gloss…or small toys…or crayons…or whatever you’d need in a hurry}
 {Alicia also makes incredible camera strap covers –like this one that she is giving away!!}

How can you win? 

  • Head over to La Famille @ Home — what is The Name of your favorite item? one entry. 
  • Check out Alicia’s blog — La Famille. Follow and/or follow along with her on her adventures! one entry each.
  • Share this fun, handmade shop with your friends through Twitter, Facebook or your blog. one entry each.
{this giveaway ends on Monday, April 11th}
Have a wonderful day!!! 
I am on my way to Creative Estates!!! 
 Thanks to Clever Girls to sponsoring me – 
check them out for great blogging opportunities!! 
I am so excited. And I will be keeping you updated all weekend 🙂 

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