Spring Project – make a Washi Tape Topiary Centerpiece {tutorial}!

12 Apr
spring centerpiece topiaries
I am a little obsessed with Washi Tape. 
Have you ever used it?
Washi Tape is Japanese decorative tapeWashi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner. 
I love all of the different patterns and colors that are available in these tapes. 
I have seen some great ideas in packaging and gift cars, but not that many home deocr projects using Washi Tape.
 And I always like a challenge, so I have been experimenting, trying to find some decorative applications for Washi Tape.
washi tape
Last week I shared my Spring Frames Wall with some Washi Tape embellishments. I liked using the Washi Tape so much that I decided to make a display for my kitchen island. I was looking to create something light and pretty for Spring.
washi tape
frame topiary centerpiece

I found three polka dot pots – perfect for topiaries.
**I found the green balls and polka dot pots at a store called Tai Pan Trading{they have locations in Utah and California} 
I also picked up some decorative greenery balls for the topiaries. Then I wrapped some dowels in different Washi Tape and attached the dowels to the balls with my trusty hot glue gun.
washi tape topiary stems
dollar store wreath
I didn’t have any florists foam, so I cut up a $1 Dollar Store wreath and placed them in the pots. I hot glued them to the bottom. And then I placed the dowels in the florists foam. To cover up the foam, I poured some grocery store lentils over the top. I love the texture of the lentils. Pretty!!
For the “tray”, I took a clearance picture frame and put some pretty fabric in it.
the frame
the fabric
Then I decided that it needed some feet.
I replaced the knobs in my kitchen a couple of years ago and kept the old, wooden knobs in a tupperware. So I took 4 of the old knobs and painted them white. And since I might want to use the frame again in the future, I applied the knobs to the frame with velcro that can be easily removed.
velcro the knobs on the frame
stash of old knobs
paint the knobs
I also applied some Washi Tape to the outside of the frame.
I love Washi tape because it’s colorful, but it is also so easy to remove. So if I want to change out the color of my centerpiece, I can peel off that color of Washi Tape and change it for something else. 
Striped Washi tape

pink plate
And I also used my Silhouette to create a Spring saying.
And I made some different flowers that go with the different colors of Washi Tape.
I applied them with Glue Dots, that way I can change out the flowers easily too!!
the plate
topiaries with washi tape
There are so many different colors of Washi Tape.
I found mine on etsy.
many washi tape
I am so excited to show you all of my other Washi Tape ideas.
It’s going to be fun:) 
Have a Super Spring Day!!! 

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