Getting Creative at Creative Estates — Spring Bunting Canvas!!

19 Apr

There were a few reasons that Creative Estates was so awesome. One was meeting so many fabulous ladies. Another was the weather. And the third reason I loved it was that it totally recharged my creativity. Being in a room with so many other, creative women was amazing!! 

{Ashley, Bev and Becca sporting their beautiful necklaces} 
In addition to breakout sessions and speakers, there were some fun creative classes!! The Lifestyle Letterpress class was fun with demonstrations on what their letterpress system could do. Bev from Flamingo Toes taught a class on how to make a beautiful Anthro-inspired necklace that was just stunning. 
And I helped Kami from No Biggie with a fun creative project using products from DecoArt and The Canvas Corp. I made up a sample canvas — a little Spring Bunting Sign to help get people’s creative juices flowing.
But what I LOVED was seeing people take the same materials and create such different and FUN creations!!! 

{she made a canvas of her logo}

A big thank you to DecoArt and The Canvas Corp for sparking our creativity!!!
Do you ever get in a creative rut? 
What do YOU do to spark YOUR creativity?? 
PS if you want to make a canvas like my inspiration one, it’s SO easy!! 
All you need to do is paint your canvas. Then cut out a bunting stencil {I have a few extra, so if you want one, leave me a comment and I will send them out to the first commenters}. Then stencil a little word at the bottom. and finish it off by hot gluing a little bit of Baker’s Twine to the top. A cute Spring addition to an entry table 🙂

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