Guest Post — make a Nautical, Anthro-inspired Necklace!! {tutorial}

20 Apr

 Hi, I’m Nina from Momma
Go Round
, and I’m SO excited to be here today with Jen!

Momma Go Round

Since day one of my blogging adventure I’ve looked up to Jen, so it’s a real
honor to be on TT&J!

Momma Go Round is
all about the miracles, milestones, and meltdowns of
I love to figure out my style in my series Real
Momma, Real Style
, share crazy tales of life with a 2 year old, my
weight loss journey, recipes, things I love, and of course crafts!
Today I would like to share with you my latest Anthropologie
knock off inspired necklace!
Pleated Bead Necklace

Fabric – Large Round Beads – Scissors – Thread – Needle

Cut a strip down the length of your fabric that is twice as
wide as your beads. My beads were about 1/2 inch in diameter, so I cut
my strip 1 inch thick.
Iron your strip in

Leaving a few
inches at the end, fold strip into two pleats and stitch through.
(My fabric was 42 inches, so I needed
to leave a tail to attach another strip to tie off the necklace. If
you are lucky enough to have a fabric from a longer bolt, you may want
to leave more of a tail for tie off)

Feed bead onto needle and stitch through.
Add two more
pleats to the other end of the bead and stitch through. Then stitch
back through both sets of pleats and the bead.
Continue until you have desired number of beads. If you got
lucky and have long enough fabric, you could stop here by simply tying
off the ends. I was not so fortunate, so I had to add some
I simply knotted on additional strips of fabric to the tails
of the beaded strip.
I LOVE my new Anthro necklace without the Anthro price tag!
Perfect for dressing up a “getting stuff done today” outfit
Thank you so much
for having me today Jen!
Nina — that necklace is awesome!
I LOVE nautical stripes for Spring. So cute!!
Nina has so much fun going on at her blog.
Not only does she craft: 
But Nina is also so cute and she has great fashion tips and advice
to help REAL women wear trendy, stylish clothes in flattering ways!
Momma Go Round
And she has a link party on Mondays called Real Momma, Real Style where Nina shows off a fashion idea and YOU can link up something to help other women feel good about themselves.
 {Nina showed how real women can wear leggings in this post. Love it!!}
Be sure to stop by Momma Go Round and say hi to Nina πŸ™‚ 
PS — Have you checked out Jamielyn’s fun Spring Into Silhouette Party?? 
It’s a Blog Hop, with Guest Tutorials and Giveaways!!  
Such a fun party!!

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