Give clothes new life with Rhinestones {and a sparkly Silhouette deal}

22 Apr

In honor of Earth Day I have a little project that will help add some new life to hand-me-down clothes.

  You might know that I have four kids. Well, if any of you had older siblings you might know what it’s like to get hand-me-downs. Ella, my youngest has two older sisters and she is very familiar with hand-me-downs…

So when Silhouette sent me a really fabulous Rhinestone kit and asked me to make something with it, I immediately thought it would be fun to take something in Ella’s hand-me-down pile and get her excited about wearing it. 
She was thrilled!! 

She picked out a red shirt and a pair of shorts her sister Hannah had only worn a few times. Then I let her pick out ANY of the Rhinestone Designs on the Silhouette Online Store. I was surprised at how many designs they have!! We might have spent a couple of hours deciding on our favorite — just sayin’. It was a hard decision for a 6 year old!!

She finally decided on this happy flower pattern: 

Now this truly is a quick project. 
We were done in 20 minutes.
Silhouette Rhinestone Tutorial: 

1. Took the Rhinestone Transfer paper, loaded it into the Silhouette machine and printed out the image.
2. Poked out the holes.
3. We used the Silhouette Universal hook to poke out the holes.
4. Once the image was clean, we peeled off the back of the special Rhinestone Transfer Paper and adhered it to the backing board that came with the kit.

5. Took the various sizes of Rhinestones and decided where to place them in the design.
6. Used a special tool that came with the kit to push the rhinestones into the holes.
7. Got the rest of the rhinestones in place with another special tool.
8. This tool is the Pick Me Up and has a sticky end that grabs the rhinestone so you can pick it up and put it in place. Very handy.

9. Once the design was ready, we got out our transfer paper.
10. We laid a piece of transfer paper over the top of the design, sticky side down  and pressed down on the design.
11. Then when we peeled the paper up, the rhinestones were stuck to the inside.
12. The last thing was to lay the transfer paper over the spot where we wanted the design to be on the top and shirt and then we ironed the rhinestones on the fabric. And to make it stick even more, we turned the shirt and shorts inside out and ironed them from the inside as well. 

**For the shorts — I wanted to use the same design but not have it be exactly the same as the shirt, so I only used rhinestones on the round flowers and not the vines. 

So now Ella is thrilled to get hand-me-down clothes because she knows that she can add some bling to them and make them her own!! 

And guess what??? Silhouette is offering a special discount on their machine with a special Rhinestone package from now until APRIL 26th. 
By entering the code — TATER at checkout, you’ll receive the Silhouette Rhinestone Bundle, which includes…

The Silhouette SD2 sheets of rhinestone template material2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape2 rhinestone backing boards1 rhinestone placement brush1 CD of rhinestone images1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones1 pack of pink 10ss rhinestonesand1 Pick-Me-Up tool
ALL of this for $229! That’s a savings of $125!*Just click on the “special bundle” icon and then enter TATER*
If you already have a Silhouette — all Silhouette rhinestone products are
discounted 30% this month! These prices should automatically be lowered when you purchase them at checkout 🙂

PS TGIF! It’s Friday! And guess what that means?? It’s almost time for the Weekend Wrap Up Party!! My favorite time of the week when I get to see what YOU have been working on and to feature YOU!!! 
The party starts at 6pm {MST} — I hope you will come join the fun!!!

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