Porch Makeover Part 2 — make a 10 minute pillow cover out of cloth napkins!

28 Apr
The sun is out and I love looking at my freshened up front porch. Yesterday I showed you my Chevron Frame Door Hanging {with Washi Tape}:
And today I want to show you a 10 minute pillow you can make out of napkins!

Take two cloth napkins. I found mine at Target.
If you can find a pillow form that’s the same size as the pillow, all you do is sew around the edges of the napkins, with the napkin outside facing toward each other. Then turn it right side out. Leave one seam open so you can insert your pillow form. Or, you can also stuff it with cotton batting material.
I cut out some Heat Transfer material letters that spell HELLO and ironed them on the pillow cover. Another fun idea would be to print out your HOUSE NUMBER!
I also took a 6 foot length of ribbon and sewed a big running stitch down one end of the ribbon and gathered it. 
Then I wrapped it around until it made a flower and then I sewed it onto the front of the pillow cover. Then I took a scrapbooking fabric brad and used some fabric glue to glue that in the middle of the flower.
Then insert the pillow form or stuff it with cotton batten. Once the pillow is stuffed, then pin the seam together with the edges
folded under. You can sew the seam shut or use hot glue. And if you want
to wash the pillow cover, you can use velcro strips to close the seam
and that way you can open it up and take the pillow cover or batting out
and wash the cover.
I love how my new pillow brightens up my bench!

I took another matching napkin and put it on top of my little side table and then I also took a little striped gray Ikea platter and attached a doily and another brad to the center and added that too.  I love the yellow and gray/black theme on my porch!

And I have a fun surprise for you tomorrow.
Something to help YOU makeover YOUR front door or outdoor space!!
PS — Have you heard about the NEW Creative Conference — SNAP? It’s going to be held next year 2012 and I am so excited about it!! 


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