Candy Party: Part 1 — The Cupcake Tower, Candy Bar and Invitations

10 May
It was Hannah’s 12th birthday last week and she really wanted to have a “Candy Party” with a couple of her good friends.
Her favorite color is yellow, so we decided to go with a yellow and turquoise color scheme. 
So bright and happy!!
And what better way to anchor a “Sweet Candy Bar” than a pretty cupcake tower??
There are so many different ways to make a cupcake tower. But Canvas Corp makes a really fun Cupcake Tree cardboard kit that comes all ready to assemble. All you need to do is decorate the tower with whatever embellishments you want!
We used different scrapbook papers and fabrics to decorate ours. And I thought it would be fun to make a little mini-pennant that went around the bottom layer and matched a pennant that I would make to go over the top of the candy bar.

I cut out the pennant shapes with a banner die cut from LifeStyle Crafts.
It was the perfect size! And then I made the banner that went over the top of the candy bar with the same die cut set, only using the largest size die.
Basically, I took the round cardboard tops and traced their shapes on some pretty paper.
 The bottom later is bigger than a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper, so I traced the shape on fabric and cut that out for the bottom layer.
I also used fabric to wrap around the cardboard supports in between each layer. I found that fabric was much easy to maneuver into those spaces. I attached the paper and fabric to the cardboard with my handy dandy glue gun.
To cover up the edges of the exposed cardboard I used ribbon to attach the pennants with my glue gun. Then the first and second tier I used different Washi Tapes and they worked great covering up those exposed edges. I also lined the bottom of the supports with Washi Tape to cover up the seams.

{my favorite place to buy Washi Tape is etsy, I have bought a bunch through this seller. }

We made party invitations with the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress, using the Splendor Printing Plates. And then we poked a lollipop through the middle of the invitation. {we printed off a sheet with information about the party on the back of the invitation and taped it to the back, covering up the lollipop stick}.
And then we made Candy Bar labels using the Letterpress and the Bubbly Printing Plates.
The Candy Bar was a success with this bunch of candy-crazed 12 year olds!
Coming up next — Candy Party: Part 2 —  Embellished Lanterns, Dimensional Magic Necklaces and Party Favors.

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