Make a Washi Tape Clock {tutorial}!!

25 May

One of my favorite Washi Tape projects I have made so far is this fun and whimsical Washi Tape Clock that I made for my craft room. I used a bunch of different Washi Tapes for each of the clock numbers.

Washi Tape Clock Tutorial

Cheap Clock {mine is from Target — $4}
Wax paper
Scrapbook paper (I used Lifestyle Craft’s Hello Goodbye paper for the face)
Maker and pencil
Glue dots or hot glue
Scrabble tiles (you can buy an old scrabble game from a thrift store or a “lot” of tiles on etsy)
Resin or Dimensional Magic
Washi Tape (you can also buy Washi Tape through etsy)

Here’s what I did:

  • I took the cover off the clock. 
  • Then I was hoping I would be able to remove the paper face, but it was glued down. So I used a compass and made a template of the face. 
  • Then I traced the template onto my scrapbook paper and cut it out.
  • I laid the wax paper over the face and copied the numbers on the wax paper with marker and then poked holes in the wax paper and marked the paper underneath with pencil. This is how I knew where to put the tiles. 
  • Take the scrabble tiles and trace the tile shape onto each Washi Tape pattern. Cut it out and stick it onto the tile. 
  • Apply epoxy or Dimensional Magic over the top of the tile and let it dry.( I was in a rush, so I cheated and used these self-adhesive tops that I had left over from a different project. You can use these if you are in a rush or don’t feel comfortable using resin.)
  • Then apply the tiles to the clock face with hot glue.
  • The hands on my clock were too long to get over the tiles, so I had to trim them. I used nail clippers to trim the hands (they were plastic – lol). 

I had such a fun time going on our local tv morning show — Studio 5 on
Monday. I made about 15 Washi Tape projects. I just can’t get enough of
the stuff. It’s addicting!!

More Washi Tape projects coming up. 
Here’s a little clip if you want to check it out:

Have a wonderful day!!!

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