Guest Project — Father’s Day "Tee-rrific" Gift Idea! {and free printable}

1 Jun
Hi Everyone! 

I am so happy to be here guest posting today! I have been a fan of Jen’s for a long time and LOVE all of her great ideas! 

My name is Lindsey, and I blog over at Inspiring Creations.
 I have been crafting since I can remember and I love inspiring others to be creative.  I use my blog to share crafts, tutorials, recipes and I also host a weekly linky party!
Today I am super excited to show you my latest creation! 
Father’s Day will be here before you know it and I have the perfect gift idea for the Father’s in your life.

My hubby LOVES to golf and so I wanted to make something special for him that involved his favorite hobby. 
I did three different color schemes, so you can pick your favorite!

Let’s get started!
Supplies Needed
1 bag of tees
1 Tag 
1 piece of coordinating card stock cut to the size of tee tag
Step 1:  Print your free printable here.  (this one is for the color scheme shown)
I have designed 3 different color schemes 

Step 2: Measure the tag on the tees.

Step 3: Cut out your tags and cut out coordinating scrapbook paper to the size you measured.

Step 4:  Staple scrapbook paper to the bag.  (Try to staple in far enough that your tag will hide your staples)

Step 5: Tape your tag onto your scrapbook paper.  I used scrapbooking tape for this. 

Step 6: Wrap jute around the bag loosely about 3 times and tie in the back. 

Step 7: Tape your circle tag onto the front of the bag in the middle of jute. 

And you’re done!  
Super simple and easy to make. 

I hope you like it! 🙂
Be sure to stop by my blog for some inspiration of your own! 🙂

Thanks Jen for having me today! 
 Thanks Lindsey! 
What a great Father’s Day gift idea!! 
Be sure to check out Lindsey’s blog, where you can find more great ideas like: 
And she has a fun linky party on Fridays —

Head over to Inspiring Creations — you will be glad you did!! 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


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