Make a Beachy Rosette Button Necklace {tutorial}

2 Jun


Here’s my Summer Necklace #2. 
I have loved seeing all of those pretty Rosette necklaces around, I really wanted to make one for summer. So I took some of the material left over from my Flirty Summer Button Necklace #1 and made some rosettes. 
{I have a Rosette Tutorial here if you want to learn how to make the rosettes.}

Beachy Rosette Button Necklace


Fabric – I used more of the Dollar Store Fabric Sacking
Felt for the backing 
Scrapbook brad
A button 
Glue and glue gun, or fabric glue
{This is also a very simple necklace to make}

  • First I cut out a half circle bib 

  • Then I made the rosettes.

  • Once the rosettes were made I glued arranged them on the bib. And I added the button. Mine is a scrapbook brad inside of a rhinestone button I found at an antique store. I loved the aqua color of the button with the antique rhinestones. 
SO beachy and pretty!!! 
  • The last thing that I did was measure out two lengths of ribbon to tie the necklace together. I added extra so the stings would hang down and showcase the ribbon. 

And now I have a Beachy Summer Rosette Necklace, perfect for a summer bonfire or BBQ!! 
PS I made my first slipcover. 
 And I am SO happy with how it turned out!! I shared a sneak peek on my TT&J facebook page. The full tutorial is coming up soon!! 
And speaking of my TT&J facebook page. I love to share tutorials and feature people there. We just hit 10,000 members and to celebrate I am throwing a fantastical giveaway. It will be coming up this weekend!!! 
PPS — Check out the fun Groopdealz today. I am picking up a few of these for gifts. $11 Peony Necklace from JessicaNDesigns – 4 Colors to Choose from ($19 Value)


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