"Summer Social" Guest Project — Ideas to keep your kids busy this summer {and printables too}!

16 Jun
Hi Tatertots and Jello friends! I’m Mique from 30days. 
 I am a stay at home momma to three. 
I share creative ideas and tutorials on 30days and I co-own the Queen Bee  Market, a handmade market in San Diego with my talented sister.  
I absolutely adore Jen and am happy she let me share some ideas today.  

Summer has started at our house!  

Which means sleeping in (not), no schedules and a whole lotta time.  Without fail my kids are bored by the end of day one.  So I have a couple of ideas to have fun and keep some sort of structure.

I started doing a theme per week a couple of years ago. 

Before school gets out, I ask the kids what they would like to learn about.  In the past we’ve done: circus, animals, artists, our country, and everything in between.  I then plan activities, books, and worksheets around that theme. 
This year I made a simple printable and laminated it, added magnets on the back and stuck in on the fridge. Easy peasy.  

Last year I had a more elaborate activity board (that sadly was broken by our painters mid summer). 

Download your own Weekly Theme PDF
For personal use only please.

For example this week we’re focusing on Dads:
I print out age appropriate worksheets for my 3 kids:

My favorite free worksheet sites:

We then put all the worksheets into this little sorter:


It’s not all worksheets all the time. We have fun doing art, cooking and baking and going on outings around the theme too. 😉

 This year we’re also trying something new. 
I saw the idea to do mom bucks (idea originally from Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and created
family bucks. 

I used pretend money templates and added pictures of Josh and I to the dollars in Photoshop (you could use any editing program you want). 
After my kids complete their chores, they will have opportunities to earn a Mom Buck ($1) or a Dad Bucks ($5). 
I plan on catching them doing nice things (ie playing with their sibling nicely on their own) as well as asking them to do things to earn bucks.  The family bucks can be traded in for real money.  They can then use it for treats or whatever they choose (within reason). 

Hope you have a happy (peaceful) summer!

What great ideas, Mique!
I love the idea of having a theme each week with my kids this summer!! 
I just adore Mique and love her ideas – she makes adorable printables!!

{Cute as a Button Teacher Printable}

{I can’t decide which of her Rule The World printables I like best… They are all awesome!}

{And even more!}

{And print off a few of Mique’s bookmarks for your kids to use this summer!}

Be sure to follow 30 Days for amazing projects, tutorials and printables!
You will be glad you did!! 

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