"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make Embellished Resin Rings!!

24 Jun

Hey Jelloheads!  That’s totally what a follower of Jen’s is called, and I am one too.  It’s Amy from Mod Podge Rocks – your guest host today.

If you don’t know me, I blog about Mod Podge and everything that you can do with it.  I also love the color blue, garden gnomes and pugs.  In my spare time I’m writing a book (that Jen is going to be in!) and I’m training for a 1/2 marathon.  Nuts?  Maybe.  Loveable?  I hope so.

Jen has been obsessed with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic lately, and I can’t blame her.  It’s completely awesome.  I made these rings, one of my favorite (and easiest) Dimensional Magic projects, and I’m going to share with you the three step tutorial. 

YES, it’s that easy.  

They are so inexpensive, you can use existing supplies that you have and they make great gifts.  Here we go.

Supply list:

Ring blanks – purchased at Michaels
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
Martha Stewart Microbeads – shown in Peridot and Blue Topaz
Embellishments – I used Making Memories Deco Brads – Shimmer and With Love Flower Brads

Keep in mind that if you don’t have the microbeads, you can use paper – just cut it to fit and stick it down in there with Mod Podge.  Okay, so here we go.

Get some ring blanks from your local craft store.  They are pretty inexpensive.

Find a place to secure your ring blank and add a thin layer of Dimensional Magic to the bottom.  Note – never shake your Dimensional Magic bottle.  It adds bubbles.

Shake some beads into the Dimensional Magic.  Let it dry and then dump off excess beads.  If you haven’t filled the ring blank, repeat (you can layer Dimensional Magic).

Add another layer of Dimensional Magic on top of your beads and then stick in the embellishment.  Let dry in a warm place (NOT under a fan) for several hours.  You’re done!  Repeat with as many rings as possible.

Can you believe it’s that easy to have cute jewelry?  

When I first tried it, I couldn’t believe it either.  I love my new rings!

Thanks to all of you for your time – and to Jen for hosting me.  I want you all to know that Jen is the nicest person ever (I’ve met her in person) in addition to being an amazing hostess.  I hope to see you soon at Mod Podge Rocks – I also have a Facebook fan page.  We can talk crafting, but I can also give you advice on finding cute shoes if you like (I have a big collection).  Hope to see you soon!

Amy – those are such fun rings!!! 
 And what a great Summertime craft to make with kids, neighbors, girlfriends, at family reunions 🙂 
If you aren’t familiar with Amy’s blog, you are missing out big time!! Amy is such a fun person both on her blog and in real life. And she is one of the most giving and supportive people I have ever met. She loves promoting people and making people feel good!! 
Here are some of my favorite ideas from Mod Podge Rocks:
{I have had a crush on these Mod Podge Bangles since the moment I first saw them…}
{These Silhouette Family Gift Tags need to be in magazine they are so cute….}
{In addition to her own projects, she loves to feature other people, like this awesome Quatrefoil Art made out of paint chips….}
{And she just started a new series where she features GUYS that love to Mod Podge – I love that!!….}

Be sure to head over to Mod Podge Rocks for a jackpot of crafty ideas!!

PS – Guess what we did last night? We got to go to a secret Killers concert at the Scala! They are in town, playing in a concert tonight inHyde Park, but booked a concert last minute as a warm up. It was so fun!! 
PPS — It’s Friday!! My favorite day of the week. I am SO excited to see YOUR ideas tonight at the Weekend Wrap UP Party!! The party starts at 6 pm MST. 
Have a Fantastic Friday!!!


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