"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make a Ruffled Soda Can Holder from an old handbag!! {tutorial}

28 Jun

Hey there TT&J readers! 
I’m stoked to be here to share a fun summer craft with you crafty ladies!!
I’m Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous.
I am a hopeless Craft Addict with a blog….because its cheaper than therapy! I share tutorials for almost every craft I do and I love featuring creative ideas and creative bloggers. I also host a biannual Handmade Gift Exchange which is loads of fun!!
Today I’m going to show you how to make Ruffled Soda Can Cozies from an old handbag.
A fab repurpose project that helps you sip your Diet Coke in style AND be earth friendly. yay!!


  • vinyl/fake leather handbag
  • scissors/rotary cutter
  • sew on 3/4″ velcro
  • sewing machine
  • Fabric Marker

Cut off the handles and remove the lining {if your bag has it}
Cut off the bottom of the handbag.
Cut as many 2.5″x9″ strips as you can. {I got 4 from my bag}
With the left over pieces, cut 1″ strips. {mind are 1″x12″}
Cut 2.5″ strips of velcro and sew onto the ends of the 2.5″x9″ strips. For example: sew the loopy velcro side to the backside of the vinyl strip and sew the hook side of the velcro to the right side of the vinyl.
**Tip: be careful when sewing vinyl or fake leather because even though you may unpick a seam, the holes will remain in the material!**
Use a straight edge and draw a line 3/4″ away from one long side. I used a disappearing ink fabric marker.Take one 1″ strip and fold over the edge and sew it next to the velcro that is on the right side of the vinyl. Sew the 1″ strip on in the center of the strip and make pleats/ruffles as you sew. Use the line you drew as your guide to make sure your pleats are straight. If you need more length to complete your ruffled strip, start the next strip by folding under the edge and continue sewing ruffles/pleats. When you get to the end, tuck under the edge of the 1″ strip. And you’re done!!
Enjoy this cute little Soda Can Cozy to keep your fingers dry and your can in style this summer!
Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your fun series, Jen!! I hope you’ll stop by Craftaholics Anonymous and say hi! I would love to meet fellow Craftaholics!! 😀
happy crafting!
Thanks Linda – that Ruffly Drink Holder is awesome!!! 
You all probably know Linda’s amazing blog — 
but if not, be sure to head over there for fabulous ideas like: 
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Be sure to check out Craftaholics Anonymous
If you aren’t a craftaholic before you head over, you will be after you see all of the amazing ideas!!
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