10-Minute Refashion Makeover — from Tube Top Dress to Ruffly Skirt!! {tutorial}

5 Jul
It’s Summer and the weather has finally started to warm up in Utah, which I am THRILLED about!

I love Summer and my favorite thing to wear around in the Summertime is comfy cotton skirts and flip flops. I was shopping at Kohl’s a few weeks ago, and I saw some little tube dresses. I wasn’t sure if they were dresses or swimsuit coverups, but I loved the navy and white stripes and RUFFLES of one.

I know I can’t pull off a tube dress, so I wondered if I could turn it into a skirt! 

 And for $8 I thought – why not try!!

too short
I stopped at the fabric store and picked up a $2 roll of elastic, and 10 minutes later – I had a comfy, stylish new summer skirt. 
I am so pleased with it!!
Here’s what I did to transform the tube dress into a sassy summer skirt: 

wide elastic
  • I took the elastic and wrapped it around my waist and cut the elastic.
pin it
  • Then I folded the tube part of the dress over on top of itself and sewed it shut at the bottom. I left a 3 inch section open so I could thread the elastic through.
thread the elastic through
  • I threaded the elastic through the open part of the tube and brought both ends together through the 3 inch seam. Then I sewed the two pieces of elastic together with my sewing machine. Then I sewed the seam shut.
And that is it!! In 10 minutes you can go from a short, revealing tube dress to a more covered up skirt. And I really think the skirt is cuter and easier to wear while chasing kids around for the summer.

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Have a Fabulous Day! 


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