"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make a Summertime Activity Caddy!! {tutorial}

7 Jul
Hey fabulous Tatertots & Jello crafty friends!
I’m Myra and I blog over at My Blessed Life where I share diy crafts and home decor, seasonal projects, recipes and more to inspire you to creatively thrive in your home. I just love Jen and I’m thrilled to be guest posting for her today!
My two year old and I spend a lot of time outside playing with bubbles, chalk and little toys that seem to get scattered here, there and everywhere. Ahem. So, I created a Kids’ Activity Caddy to keep all of his little toys organized. Oh, how I love organization!
Kids’ Activity Caddy
This project can be customized with your favorite colors and labels for whatever you need to organize!
Supplies Needed:

  • 3 clean tin cans {spaghetti sauce cans work well}
  • Spray paint – red, yellow, blue
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • 9001 glue
  • Scrapbook paper and cardstock
  • Ribbon
  • Jute twine
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
Don’t stress over getting all the sticky stuff off because it will be hidden.
Rustoleum’s Summer Squash, Krylon’s Cherry Red and Rustoleum’s Lagoon spray paint.
Aren’t the colors so much fun?!
1. Spray paint residue and sharp edges aren’t cool.
2. Measure the height of the can and cut scrapbook paper approximately 5 1/5 inches wide to line each can.
3. Use hot glue to secure the scrapbook paper.
Next, hot glue a 2″ band of paper on the outside of each can.
Hot glue ribbon on the top inside edge of each can.
Next is the fun part of gluing all the cans together! šŸ™‚
Place the cans in a triangular shape and mark where they meet each other. Then use 9001 glue to stick them together.
If the cans don’t meet flush together, don’t freak out. I’ve got your back!
Tie the cans together with a few pieces of jute twine. Easy peasy.
I told you not to panic!
Gather bubbles, chalk, toys or whatever suits your kids’ fancy.
To finish off this project, add labels to each can. Use a Silhouette machine or scissors to cut out circles from scrapbook paper and card stock. Write whatever you want on your labels and hot glue them in place.
This simple organization project has made it much easier to keep Ridley’s little outdoor toys all in one place!
Enjoy more peace this summer and less searching for toys with a Kids’ Activity Caddy!
Thank you so much for having me as part of your fabulous Summer series, Jen! šŸ™‚ I would love for y’all to connect with me at My Blessed Life. There’s a cold glass of amazing Southern sweet tea and a cozy seat waiting on you!

Thanks Myra!! I love your Summer Caddy – what a great idea!!
Speaking of great ideas, Myra has tons of them on her blogs — My Blessed Life and The Casabella Project! Here are a few of my favorites: 
And at The Casabella Project, Myra is making over her home one project at a time: 
Be sure to stop by My Blessed Life and The Casabella Project — you will love Myra’s crafty inspiration!!! 

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