Summer Wreath and Mantel {tutorial}

14 Jul

Do you go through periods where you are super inspired to do projects and then other periods where you feel burned out and don’t want to do anything?? I do. Yesterday I felt super inspired. And I am an impatient crafter. When the feeling strikes, I dig around and find whatever is in my cupboards to make a project.

I was looking at my mantel and I really wanted to make it look 
“Beachy” and “Summery”.

So I went out in my garage “stash” and found some grapevine wreaths from the Dollar Store. I decided to use the small size. Then I found some black and white pinstripe material. And I crafted up a quick summer wreath with things I had laying around.

This is a 15-minute project. 

Here’s what I did: 

  • I cut a long piece of the pinstripe fabric 2 inches wide. 
  • Then I wrapped it around the grapevine wreath. I wrapped it pretty tightly and overlapped it so that it was pretty cushy with material. 
  • I secured the end with my trusty glue gun. 
  •  Then I took the material and cut a long strip that was 4 inches wide. And I folded it in half and ironed it so it was flat. So now the material is 2 inches wide with a closed end. 
  •  I folded the material in pleats, into a flower shape and hot glued in between the pleats. Then I hot glued the flower onto my wreath. 
  • I did the same thing to make two smaller flowers, except instead of a folded 2 inch width, I cut a 2 inch section of fabric and then folded and ironed it so that the folded width was 1 inch. 
  • Then I glued those two fabric flowers on each side of the bigger flower. 
  • I covered two big buttons with fabric and attached them to the smaller flowers. 
  • Then I hot glued a star fish to the bigger flower. 
That’s it!! SUPER simple and fast AND inexpensive. 
Then I set about making my mantel more “Summery” and “Beachy”. I got out my glass covered vases and put vintage doorknobs inside of them. 
And I talked my son and neice into spray painted an old frame beachy blue for me. I also took a rope bag that I had kept from Target and “framed” it in between an embroidery hoop. I also did this with some doilies. 
I made a canvas pennant banner that I thought looked kind of beachy. 
I’m not going to show you the whole mantel today though, because I just decided that it needs one more element. 

I have a project in mind that I think will be perfect. I’ll work on it today. You know when you finish a project and it just doesn’t feel complete. That’s how I feel about the mantel. I need to work on that last element.

So until then, here’s my partially finished Summer Mantel 🙂

 Ooooh, I almost forgot… I found some cute little lamps at Home Goods a few weeks ago for my buffet table in there. Aren’t they cute?? 

I think I am going to paint that buffet table — what color do you think I should try??

 I hope you are having a great week!!!  

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