Summer Mantel:Take Two {adding reclaimed shutters}

15 Jul

There was something missing from my “Beachy” mantel. I couldn’t put my finger on it yesterday. Then last night as I was getting ready for bed I remembered some free shutters that I picked up by the side of the road on trash day a few months ago. Perfect!! You know how a flashbulb goes off in your mind?

A fast, easy and free solution to my decorating dilemma! 

So this morning I dusted off those old shutters and dug through my spraypaint stash for some paint. I painted the first coat the same “aqua” color as the frame on my mantel. And then when it was finished drying, I added “heirloom white” over the top.

The last thing I did was get my trusty mouse sander and I roughed it all up so the delicious aqua peeks through as well as the original brown color and the bare wood. I love the dimension that sanding adds!!

Then I put it on my mantel. I opened the shutters a little so that the reflection of the mirror still comes through and lights up the room. Then I rearranged some of the mantel items.

And I put the little canvas pennant at the top of the mantel. I got the little sewn pennant shapes from The Canvas Corp. I love the plain canvas with my beach theme.

I think my mantel is done.
{For now — lol!!}

I put my Summer Subway Art above my entry cabinet. I decided it didn’t really go with my Beachy Mantel. But I still really love it!

PS — While my shutters were drying, I ran to Home Depot and got some samples for my kitchen makeover. Here’s what we have so far. Any opinions??  the cabinets are now white so I was thinking a warm grey would be pretty….


PS — I’m linking this up to Beth’s Tutorials &Tips Party. Check it out!!

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