"Summer Social" Guest Project — Make Otter Pop Summer Gifts with free printable!!

19 Jul

Hi everyone! 

I’m Stephanie from Somewhat Simple and I am here today to show you a simple idea that will spread some smiles to the recipients!
Give them to neighbors, friends, the girls you visit teach etc.

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Otter Pop Gift Idea with Printable

Items Needed: 
  • OtterPops 
  • Pen or Marker 
  • Ribbon
    Embellishments (buttons, rhinestones, silk flowers etc.) 
  • Hole Punch
    Lighter or Match 
  • Glue Stick 
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Card Stock 
  • ..and this printable: 



1. Print out the printable to your desired size and then cut them out. Also, cut out some card stock.
2.Glue the printable to the card stock.

3. Tie a small bundle of Otter Pops together with a ribbon. Burn the edges of the ribbon to avoid fraying.
4.Punch a small hole in the corner of each card and slide a small ribbon inside. Burn the edges of the ribbon to avoid fraying.

5. Tie the card onto the bundles of Otter Pops.
6. Hot Glue an embellishment to the center of the ribbons on each bundle.

7. Sign your name to the card.
8. Hand them out!

Simple and cute, just the way I like it!
Have a great day everyone!!!

What a fun Summertime idea Steph!! 

My girls are going to love that!!! 

If you don’t know Somewhat Simple, you need to check out Steph’s ideas!!

Mom I’m Bored Jar and Ideas!!

And check out her Summer of Service series — I love this!!

Plus, she has a fun link party — Strut Your Stuff on Thursdays!!

And look at the sweet addition Steph just added to her family. Mason is a little bit early, and isn’t he the sweetest??

Congratulations Steph!!!! 

Head over to Somewhat Simple and give Steph a big TT&J hello!!! 


PS — Come over and join me in the International Coffee talk community. We’re discussing all sorts of topics that relate to women. It’s a great place to connect with people!!


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