"Summer Social" Guest Project — Throw an Aqua & Orange Summer Birthday Party!

22 Jul
Hi, my name is Mae from Mae Armstrong & Co., I 
was inspired by all the handmade parties I’ve seen online and wanted to
give myself a similar challenge. 
 I’d love to share my Aqua and Orange Birthday Party. 
Planning for this party began five
months in advance. I wanted it to be super special for my twin boys and
husband. All three of them share the same birthday. How amazing is that?!

trick of course was finding the time to finish all the different
elements I wanted.
Between all of my normal mommy duties, household
chores, errands and freelance gigs, I was able to sneak some time to
research, learn a few DIY birthday projects, design and create my very
own handmade birthday party.

The aqua and blue circus theme was
inspired by a paper carousel from Meri Meri given to my boys
. I loved
the elephant especially, so that became the centerpiece of my design.
creating the party invitation, everything began to fall into place.
sewed a simple elephant themed fabric pennant and a crochet banner.
repurposed my old baby food jars into these pretty little containers for
Jelly Beans

I whipped up some homemade caramel popcorn as another
party favor, we added a jar full of animal crackers and goldfish to our
dessert table.

I made birthday shirts, pj’s and bibs for the boys.

also created three giant smash cakes. The party hats were handmade too!

an added touch – my husband hired his co-worker to play ‘Happy
Birthday’ and some other songs on his bagpipes.

It was an ode to the
boys half-Scottish heritage and filled the neighborhood with some pretty
cool tunes.

Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest little boys in
the whole world and my loving husband.
Thank you for putting up with me
when I am in my crazy creative moods. I love you and am looking forward
for many more years of celebration.

Huge Thanks to the following vendors.
Sweet Zugar Cakes for providing the main birthday cake
email: sweetzugarcakes@hotmail.com
Katie Cakes for helping me frost and decorate their giant smash cupcakes
Thanks for sharing your special Aqua and Orange birthday party, Mae.
You put so much time and details into this celebration!
Be sure to check out Mae’s blog for more amazing ideas!!
Be sure to tune in to Mae’s site for fantastic parties and creative ideas!! 
Have a Great Day!


PSIt’s Friday — my favorite day of the week!! Why?? It’s almost time for the Weekend Wrap Up Party. Come show of your ideas!! The party starts tonight at 6 pm MST. 
I can’t wait to see what you have been working on.


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