Make Summer Fabric Rosette Jewelry!! {tutorial}

27 Jul
I love making Rolled Fabric Flowers  jewelry!
There are so many possibilities! 
You can make all sorts of jewelry with this little flowers, plus add them to home decor items like pillows, placemats, dishtowels and more !

rolled flower jewelry tutorial

So the other day, while my sister and her family were visiting, we sat down for a little “craft hour” and experimented making different Rolled Flower Gifts.
It was so much fun!!!

rolled flower necklace

In case you haven’t tried making these Rolled Flowers — here’s what you do:

maddy cutting out the fabric
1. Cut a 1-inch wide strip of material. We used fat quarters and cut one strip for a small flower, and combined two strips to make a larger flower.

2. Fold the strip in half width-wise and add a dot of hot glue, then immediately roll up the material {keep it folded in half} about 10 rolls. Then secure with another drop of hot glue.
roll up the fabric
3. Now fold the material in toward the center of the flower and continue rolling the material around the center of the flower. Hot glue a dot every rotation.
4. Continue this way until you run out of material and secure the end of the fabric to the flower.
hot glue flowers to felt
5. Put hot glue on the back of the flower and attach it to a piece of felt.
6. Once the glue has cooled, cut around the flower on the felt.
glue flowers together
7. Now you have a flower you can make into a pin, hairclip, or ring. Combine more than one flower to make a necklace by attaching the flowers to a piece of felt. Put pieces of chain underneath the flowers to secure the chain to the felt and flowers. Then cut around all of the flowers and attach a clasp to the end of the chain and a jump ring to the other end.

rolled flower necklace on
rolled flower earrings

And an even easier and faster gift idea is hot gluing embellishments to the ring blanks or hairclip/bookmark forms.
button clips and bookmarks
We also covered some buttons with fabric and hot glued them onto the blanks.
This makes a great gift.
Add the bookmark to a book or bookstore gift card for a fun stocking stuffer!!!
button bookmarks
And if you make some Rolled Flower Jewelry, get your friends together for a Girls Craft Night.
 Projects are always more fun with friends!!!
burlap hair clip
burlao hair clip on
rolled flower rings
I also made a little video on how to make the flowers if you want to check it out:


Happy Wednesday!! 

PS — We finished shooting the web show last night. Boy were we tired!! 13 episodes in two days. But it was SO much fun and there were so many great ideas that we featured with tutorials. I think it’s going to be awesome!! Oh — there’s a FB page all About Get a Little Creative too!1


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