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Ella’s "Pink and Chinese" Room — Reveal

8 Dec
Ella has been asking for a room redo for her birthday since April. Her only stipulation was that it be “Pink and Chinese”, which presented me with a interesting design challenge.
Here is a before:

 And after:

The first thing I did was find some Asian looking fabric with women in Kimonos. I loved the colors and decided to play up the coral color {kind of pink…} in the fabric. Then I found a quilt that color and I had the paint mixed to match the quilt.
I knew the wall color was bright, so I didn’t want to overwhelm the room with too much color, so I balanced the bright coral color with a soft neutral tan.
I love wainscoting and thought it would be a fun spin on the traditional look of wainscoting to add sheet metal panels. So we cut panels of sheet metal and nailed it up. Then we put strips of wood between the panels to cover up the nail heads. I still need to caulk….

I have never loved the plain white ceiling fan that was in the room, so I found an inexpensive girly one at Ikea and changed that out. And last summer while visiting my sister in San Francisco, I went to China Town and found these paper umbrellas which we secured from the ceiling with wire.

Then I made some curtains and added a little visual interest with panels of material that match the pillows I made.

We had this playset in our basement, but it isn’t used much, so I decided to bring it up for her room. I think she will have a great time playing in it up here. I put a little white table and a chair for her to use as a desk inside, along with a little chalkboard.

I am still looking for a little rug that will bring out the colors in the room. And, I ordered some vinyl that is cherry blossoms with her name in an Asian font. So when I get that installed, I will show it to you. I think it’s going to be very cute!

Ella was so excited when she saw her room. She spent about an hour in there today just going around and looking at everything. She loves the magnetic panels and has already hung many pictures on it.

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My Little China Girl: design ideas needed!

1 Nov
Now that Halloween is over, I can move on to my next pressing thing on my to-do list. Do you remember how my daughter Hannah asked for a room makeover for her last birthday? I decided at the last minute to redo her room with a Paris theme.
Well that made a big impression on my 4 year old. Ever since she has been talking about how what she wants for her birthday is a room redo too. And to be honest, her room really does need a redo. I painted it 7 years ago when we first moved into this house. She has a hand me down bed, bedding, furniture. It is a little bit of a hodge-podge. Now, guess what theme she has been talking about for the past 6 months!
She wants a PINK, “CHINESE” bedroom.
With that in mind, when I was in China Town in San Francisco last June, I picked up some wonderful Asian paper umbrellas. And since then I have been collecting a few other things like a couple lacquered boxes and some lanterns. So I have almost exactly one month to figure this out, get all of the materials, paint her furniture, make the bedding, paint the room and whatever else I need to do.
I would love some design ideas!
I love the idea of Cherry Blossoms and I think that is going to be the idea that I base this room on. Here are some inspiration pics that I have found:
Thanks so much!
Have a Wonderful Day!