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Keeping it real: Supersized Edition

3 Sep
Do you ever have a bad day???


One of my friends asked me the other day why no one in blogland complains, has a bad day or is fighting with their kids and/or husbands. I know that everyone has problems. So in the spirit of “keeping it real”. I would like to show you a glimpse of who I really am!

My house is hardly ever clean(See this bowl – it’s my neighbor’s and Iit’s been sitting there for like a month. Still haven’t gotten it to her. See all the piles and junk all over my desk??)
  • I am not organized
  • I am a huge procrastinator
  • My kids are NOT perfect — they whine, complain and fight with each other
(Messy kitchen. Daughter that is mad at me for making her do chores instead of playing with her friend)
  • I don’t like housework
(messy family room. Daughter watching Arthur instead of constructive educational activity)
  • I hate going to the store
  • I hate cooking every night
  • My husband travels a lot and I get desperate for any adult conversation
  • I struggle with depression
  • I am afraid of speaking in public and all social functions
  • I do/say things without thinking that I regret

For example, tonight I have to go to PTA Back to School night and stand up in front of an auditorium full of people and it freaks me out.

I’m sorry if it has appeared that my life is perfect, because — it is not. I hope you will all still like me anyway….

Have a good night…