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Creative Fridays: Mod Podge Barstool Redo

4 Sep

Thanks for your nice comments yesterday during my meltdown. I am feeling much better today – I even got my house cleaned – woo hoo!It’s time for Xazmin’s Mod Podge Mania! I’m so excited to join up!!!
This is a project that I have been meaning to do for about a year. I just kept putting it off. It seemed so big and time consuming. I bought these barstools about 7 years ago. They were originally red. Of course, knowing me, I got tired of the red and wanted to do something different about 4 years later. So I painted them off white with a brown glaze over the top. The problem was when I was finished I put a polyurethane coat on and it never adhered correctly. So after a while it started peeling off…


Here they are when I started:

(sanding, sanding, sanding….)
(stripping, stripping, stripping…)
(I turned them over to mod podge the paper onto the seat aprons)


And here they are now. I decided to mod podge the seat aprons, each chair has a different black and white paper. I put a number on each so each of my kids has their own barstool. They think it’s pretty neat.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Thank you for being such great blogging friends!
PS: I was going to post about my Julia recipes #2 and #3, and I will do that tomorrow!