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Neighbor Gift Idea — Make Burlap & Chalkboard Gift Bags!!

8 Dec

 I have a fast, inexpensive, easy project to share that would be really fun to make as neighbor gifts this year.

These little bags can be customized to fit any size gift that you can image:
  • Wine or Sparkling Cider with a little tag that says “Wishing you a Sparkling Holiday Season!”
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks.
  • Dollar Store Peppermints.
  • Even gift cards.

And the painted chalkboard labels that you make are great because the bag can be used again and again!

    My project was chosen by Krylon to featured on the front page of Your Holiday Style – one of their sites dedicated to sharing cool spray painted holiday projects. So fun!!  You can click below to go over and check out my tutorial.   yhs They also have some other great holiday projects you can download and save for later submitted by some of your very favorite crafters from a little group that I am part of called Crafterminds.

    Heather from Dollar Store Crafts: Sweet Apothecary Jar

    Amy from Mod Podge Rocks: Holiday Gift Card Tin
    Beckie from Infarrantly Creative: Time Capsule OrnamentsIMG_1679
    Check out Your Holiday Style and see all of the easy, inexpensive, quick Christmas ideas.


    And upload YOUR spray painted projects!!!
    I hope you are having a great week!! 

    Guest Project — Make Burlap Christmas Trees!

    2 Dec
    Hello all!!  I am Angie with The Country Chic Cottage and I am BEYOND thrilled to be here on Tatertots and Jello!!  

    The Country Chic Cottage is all about decor, transformations, crafting, and tutorials…all while on a budget!  I started blogging after a new year’s resolution to spruce up my home decor.  The twist?  No budget to do it with!  🙂  
    Come on over and follow along with my adventures!
    It is time to start Christmas decorating!  

    What better way to decorate than with
    Burlap Christmas tree! 

    Wanna make your own?  Gather two different colors of burlap, some glue, and some poster board.  If you want one of those little sheet music trees you can gather that up too! 🙂

    Cut your posterboard into patterns…like this…I used a plate to cut into circles then folded into fourths.  Remove one of the fourths.
    Use this to cut out your darker color burlap.
    Wrap your poster board into a cone to make your tree form.
    I just used a staple to secure.  Wrap your burlap around your form and secure with a clothes pin.
    Mix 1/2 glue and 1/2 water.  Now…that same paint brush…the day before…I used it with some glitter paint….yep…glitter ended up in my glue.  I actually liked it after I finished it!  So maybe add a touch of glitter to your mixture.  Apply your mixture generously all over the burlap.
    Cut the lighter burlap into a long thin strip.
    Wrap it around your form securing on both ends with two clothes pins.

    Apply more glue mixture…liberally.  And let dry.  Yes it will take a looong time to dry.  Then just remove the inner form by crushing it and pulling it out. 
    Want to make a sheet music tree too?  Just wrap around into a cone, secure with scotch tape, and cut off the bottom to be level.  So easy!
    That other tree?  It is a Martha Stewart folded magazine tree…google it.  Martha does the instrutions much better than me!  🙂
    Thanks so much for having me Jenn!!  🙂 

    What a fun project Angie! I love that you used posted board instead of foam – so much cheaper!!

    I love Angie’s blog — she has tons of fun ideas and tutorials!
    Some of my favorites are:

    {Dictionary Ornaments}
    {Ballard-inspired Finial Knock Off}
    {Shabby Rose Fall Wreath}
    {Monks Cloth Pumpkins}

    There are so many fun ideas – it’s hard to choose just a few! Be sure to stop by
    The Country Chic Cottage
    and say hi!


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    A little Project to do this weekend — Make a Burlap Scrabble Wreath!

    19 Nov
    Can you believe that next week is THANKGIVING???
      Gah – where did the time go?? There is so much to DO! If you have an hour to spare, here’s a little wreath that will add a little Thanksgiving cheer to your front door:

     {Click on the Read More button for the full tutorial}

    Here’s what you need: 

    • A wreath form
    • Burlap — a 36″ square piece should do
    • A few fabric scraps
    • Some Scrabble tiles**
    • Hot glue and gun
    • Two types of coordinating ribbon

    **Here’s a fun tip — if you want to make one of these and don’t want to destroy your Scrabble game, you can buy “lots” of Scrabble pieces on ebay or etsy. Or, if you contact Hasbro, you can order a complete replacement set of tiles. It was around $6 for 100 pieces last year.

    Here’s what you do: 

    • Cut two pieces of burlap about 4 inches in width by 36 inches in length. Or, if you have a long piece of burlap you can use a 72 inch strip. Hot glue one end of the strip to the back of the wreath. Then wrap the burlap around your wreath. My wreath form was 12 inches wide, so if you are using a bigger form, you will need a longer piece of burlap.
    • Once the form is wrapped in burlap, set it aside. Now you will make some rolled flowers. I made  18 flowers in different sizes. For each flower, you will need a strip of material about 1 inch in width by either 32 inches, 24 inches or 18 inches, depending on how wide you want the flower to be. Fold the material in half width-wise and then roll it tightly about 8 times. Then add a dab of hot glue and twist the material around the rolled center, adding glue as you roll. The flower will continue to get bigger until you reach the end of the material. Then add some hot glue to the back and glue down the end of the material underneath the flower. For more in-depth instruction, check out my Rolled Flower Tutorial.
    • Now that you have the flowers made, lay out the scrabble pieces to whatever saying you want to display on your wreath. Then hot glue the tiles onto a piece of paper. Then cut out the tiles, trimming very close to the edges so no paper is showing.
    • Hot glue the Scrabble tiles to the wreath.
    • Now lay out the rolled flowers on the wreath. Once you are happy with the placement. Hot glue the flowers to the burlap wreath.
    • Cut the two coordinating ribbon for the top of the wreath. Make a loop of ribbon for the top of the wreath to hang on the door or wall. Then cut another length of the two ribbon and make a bow. Attach the bow at the top of the wreath to the loop. 
    • Hang up and enjoy your new wreath!

    **Here’s another fun idea — use Scrabble Holders and letters to spell out your family’s names at the table!

    Thanks to Amy at Living Locurto for letting me share this wreath on her blog a few days ago. Check out all of her fun printables. She also just came up with these adorable free 
    that I am going to use this year. 


    PS — Only 2 more hours til WWU!! See you then!!

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    Guest Project — How to Make the Easiest Project Ever!

    4 Aug
    Hi all you Tatertot and Jello readers! 
    I am so excited to be here today to show you how to make the easiest project EVER!!!
    Seriously, all you people out there that are too scared to do a DIY project…
    This is the one to start you out.
    Here is all you need.
    A glue gun
    spray paint
    a butter knife
    picture frame with glass
    fabric of your choosing
    dry erase markers
    I know the butter knife is weird but it will make sense in a minute.
    I found this picture frame of my now 4 year old when he was 3 month old.
    I call him Wild Man.

    Take the picture and glass out, then spray paint that frame to whatever color your little heart desires.
    Then while the frame is drying take the back of the picture and get whatever fabric that tickles your fancy.
    I used burlap, just because that is what I had laying around.
    Get your glue gun and glue the baby on the picture back or in my case a piece of cardboard.
    Then admire you work thus far.
    This is where the butter knife comes in, To put the glass and board back into the frame.
    Those little pin things drive me crazy.

    That is unless you have beautiful long and strong nails. I sadly can’t top picking mine… so I use butter knives.

    Now my friends… you have made a DRY ERASE BOARD!
    You see the glass works as a dry erase board!
    You can use it to keep up with your schedule so you just may remember to take those dern library books back.
    Or you can use it to write notes to your boys.
    That says, “Hands belong on the OUTSIDE of your pants.”
    I am sure I am not the only mom of boys that has this issue.

    But later on it hit me.

    You can do make any picture in the house a dry erase board!
    So glad I got to spend some time you guys. 
    Please stop by my blog and see all the projects that I have working on.

     Thanks Katie! 
    That is a cute and handy project! 
    Here’s a button for sharing your tutorial with us.  
    Katie has great ideas and she has a real knack at fantastic furniture transformations and wood projects!
    Be sure to head over to Impatiently Praying for Patience for a real treat!

    Guest Project: Monogrammed Burlap Garden Flag Tutorial

    14 Apr

    Monogrammed Burlap Garden Flag Tutorial

    Hi! My name is Kelli, and most days you can find me blogging over at Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM! I love to be crafty, bake yummy stuff, and take pictures of my three wild and crazy boys. And then I love to share about all of those things on my blog.

    I am SUPER excited to be posting at Tatertots and Jello today! Jen is such a crafty inspiration, so it is a little intimidating to post one of my projects after all the great things she has shared about. But, I knew that I had to attempt something made out of burlap. I also wanted something for my yard, because the grass here is finally starting to turn green! So I came up with a Monogrammed Burlap Garden Flag that is SUPER easy and SUPER inexpensive to make.

    Monogrammed Burlap Garden Flag Thanks so much to Jen for letting me share a little bit of my craftiness today! Hop on over to Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM! to check out some of the other things I have been working on lately.

    Thanks so much for guest posting, Kelli! 
    Kelli is so talented and such a wonderful bloggy friend. 
    Check out her blog to see all of her great ideas!
    And, here’s a button for your blog if you would like to take it Kelli!
    Thanks for stopping by!


    Get Organized with Burlap!

    13 Apr
    Here’s a little project I made when I did my closet redo. I made a few more the other day. This is a stylish way to keep your jewelry or other small items organized. It would also be great in an office to keep small things like — paper clips, staples, push pins or rubber bands organized.
    I used the same technique that I did when I made my burlap magnet boards, but I cut the boards narrower and then attached magnetic containers I found at IKEA. 
    I added a little bling with sparkly buttons. I also cut out circles of scrapbook paper and attached it to the back of the tins to coordinate with my closet and office. I used glue dots so if I ever want to change out the paper — it will be easy to do.
    If you want to make some, just follow my tutorial HERE.

    I am linking up to:
    Show and Tell Green


    Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

    Spring Project: Ruffled BURLAP Runner Tutorial!

    6 Apr
    I have had a few people ask me to post a tutorial for my Spring burlap runner. So here it is!
    {Spring Ruffled Table Runner}
    Fabric scraps or fat quarters
    Fabric for back of runner
    Ribbon or quilt binding
    Quilt batting
    Sewing machine and thread
    Here’s what you do:
    First decide how long you want your runner to be. I wanted mine to be 60 inches in length by 17 inches wide. Then cut your burlap to that size. 
    Once the burlap is cut, cut your fabric for the backing. I used two different fabrics that I alternated for the back — two panels of each fabric. If you are making panels for the back, sew them together so they are the same size as the burlap piece. 
    Then cut your quilt batting to the same size. Lay all three pieces together, with the quilt batting in the middle. Pin it in place, then sew around the perimeter — sewing the three layers together. Then lay the runner out on your work surface. Decide where you want your big ric rac to be on the quilt. I measure to the center of the runner, and then I measure the middle of that total and put the ric rac in that space — 1/4 of the way on each side. Pin it in place, then sew it.
    Now take your ribbon or quilt binding material and fold it in half, fitting the edge of the runner in the fold of the ribbon. Start the ribbon on one side of the runner — not at a corner. Pin in place all the way around the runner. At the corners, make a 90-degree fold and pin in place. Make sure to fold the end of the ribbon under so there are no fraying edges. Now sew the ribbon in place.
    Now it’s time to make the ruffles. I made mine 3.5 inches in width. I double the length of each fat quarter — 36 inches. I cut each fat quarter into two 3.5 inch wide sections, then I sewed the two pieces together. Then I sewed around the edge of each fabric strip. This keeps the fabric from fraying too much. Once I sewed around each fabric strip, I then sewed a wider strip down the entire length of each strip — making sure to back stitch at one end and not the other. Then I took the exposed ends of thread and pulled, creating a ruffle. Then I took each ruffled strip over to the runner and fit it to the width of the runner — making the ruffles uniform. I did this for each fabric strip. For a 60 inch runner — I had 13 ruffles plus the two strips of big ric rac. I spaced each of the ruffles about 3/4 of an inch apart. Once all the fabric strips were ruffled, I laid them out on the runner and then pinned them in place. It takes a little bit of patience, because you might have to rearrange the spacing so that it is all uniform.
    Then I sewed each of the ruffles onto the runner. Once the ruffles were sewn, I frayed the edges of each ruffle for a little interest.

    And I was done!
    Now I have a fun, ruffly runner to brighten up my kitchen! And, it matches my ruffly burlap banner!
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    Thanks for coming over and have a Fantastic Day!