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Childhood Flashback

13 May
There’s something about being on a schoolbus that brings back vivid childhood memories for me. Maybe it’s the smell – a mixture of old PB&J’s and bananas. Or the sites – sitting up high you have a different vantage point. Or the feeling – being squashed in with about 100 other hot, sweaty bodies while bouncing around. Or the sound – of a hundred kids talking and laughing. Some of my best childhood memories were on a bus: whispering secrets with my best friend Kristin in 3rd grade; and worst: having a group of 8th grade boys make fun of me on the way home from junior high.So when Hannah said she wanted me to come on a field trip last week, I jumped at the chance to spend time with her, explore nature and ride around on a big, yellow bus.What brings back childhood memories for you?
Have a wonderful Wednesday!