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Guess What I’m Doin’?

19 Jun

We are on our way to Seattle where my hubs is taking part in a biking LiveStrong fundraiser. His friend from college, Elden has a very popular cycling blog, Fat He started writing about cancer too, not just about cycling, after his wife and our dear friend Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. His friends and blog readers have formed teams to ride in the cancer fundraising event. If you are interesting in sponsoring a wondeful event to fight cancer, you can donate here. So far they’ve raised $334,868! So yay – WIN SUSAN!
And, I know this is horrible, but I hate traveling in the car. It’s so boring. So before we left hubs bought me a really cool device. And now, we are cruising down the road doing 75 mph while I BLOG! How cool is that? I can check my email, order something on Amazon or watch something on Hulu. Pretty fun!And I was thinking it would be fun to do a Seattle-themed giveaway. So tomorrow I will be out finding some fun loot from the Emerald City. I will let you know tomorrow what I find.

Have a fabulous Friday!
I hope it’s sunnier where you are – it’s raining and 60’s here.