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More Burlap Projects: Whimsical Burlap Pillows

16 Oct
I am just having so much fun with burlap.Yesterday I experimented and came up with these pillows.
I have had a great time stenciling on burlap, but I wanted to try something new. I found some really great images on The Graphics Fairy. This is a great place to find royalty-free images you can use for projects. I decided to use iron-on transfer paper. I didn’t know if it would work on the rough burlap surface, but decided to give it a try.
 It transferred really well. I was so excited. I added some wool hounds-tooth material to the back and big pom-pom fringe.
 And you know my obsession with cupcakes? Well I love my Keep Calm and Carry On sign that I have in my family room:
And I had heard this term around blogland, so I went into Microsoft Publisher and made this graphic:
Into this pillow:

 Thanks for coming by!
What are you doing this weekend? We are going to try to get to the Pumpkin Patch tonight. Have a great one!

Mod Podge Mania

31 Mar

Xazmin at This is The Year is having a Mod Podge Party today. Now you know I love myself some Mod Podge – it’s miraculous stuff! I can’t wait to see all of the projects and get more Mod Podge inspiration!


  • These are the bulletin boards in my office. I cut pieces of scrapbook paper to fit around the frames and then decoupaged it on. Kind of funky and fun.

  • These are some unfinished storage containers I bought at IKEA. I spray painted them off-white and then decoupaged scrapbook paper over the front and added little picture frames and wheels.

  • These are some jumbo paper clips that I sell in my etsy store. I decoupaged scrapbook paper on the front and added little embellishments to give them charm.

  • These are some paper mache eggs that I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto for a fun little arrangement in my family room. ( I was inspired on this one by The Nester)

I’m sure there are some other Mod Podge projects around here, but those are my entries for this party. Another project I’m considering if decoupaging my BAR STOOLS. Is that crazzzzy???


Go on over to Xazmin’s place to join in the Mod Podge Party or just see the fun projects that people have done!

Have a super day!

What’s on your Wall Wednesday???

25 Feb

On Wednesdays I usually post about my Favorite Thing for the week, but since I posted my Top Ten Favorite Things on Monday, you are probably sick of my favorite things. So I am joining in What’s on your Wall Wednesday. Barb, from Grits and Glamour, has a really fun group that posts cool wall arrangements and ideas.


So here are the walls in my foyer:


In November we had our family picture taken. I framed a collage of our pictures and then had a vinyl saying made by a girl on etsy. This is right at the front entrance of our home.
This is the wall right across from the front door. My sister and I made floral arrangements a couple of years ago. This is hung right next to a really cute cabinet where I keep some of my treasured figurines.
Right around a little wall from the front door is a big entrance to the basement. It used to have a door, but about a year ago we opened it up with a big arch so the house would seem more open. This is the wall going down the stairs to the basement. You can see this star from the front door. It was a brown color when I bought it, but I painted it a seafoam blue as an accent color.
This is the stairway going upstairs and is right across from the front door. I had this huge mirror in my old house in the living room. I love how the mirror reflects the light from the sidelights in my front door and makes the foyer twice as light!

So that’s my foyer. Thanks for stopping by!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Need Tree Decorating Ideas?

24 Nov
There’s a big event held around here every year called The Festival of Trees. Different organizations and companies decorate a tree and then display it. All the trees submitted are auctioned off and the proceeds go to charity. I try to go every year. It’s fun to see all of the different ideas.
(sorry the pictures might be a little fuzzy — these are from last year and I had my old camera then)
Have a great day! I am in the middle of getting new carpet
so things are a little crazy around here 🙂

Family Wall

17 Nov
Our family pictures are done! Here’s the family wall I’m working on. I have some 5 x 7 pictures of my kids that I might hang with this big pictures and also a cute four-picture action sequence of the kids throwing leaves at each other I want to incorporate into the wall.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

5 Oct
Recently while waiting around at the orthodontist’s office I stumbled upon my now favorite magazine: Cottage Living. How did I not know about this magazine before? It is so cute.
This month they have some really fun pumpkin decorating ideas.
Here are my favorites:

No Carve Pumpkins
Aren’t these cool? Here is how you make them:

1. Use a pencil to to mark your desired pattern. Decorative nails,
also known as nailheads, are sold in sizes ranging from 5/16 inch
to 1 inch or larger. A supply of 4 dozen 1/2-inch nailheads should be sufficient for decorating a medium-size pumpkin.
2. Push the nail points into a pattern on your pumpkin. Use a small
hammer, if necessary. (We didn’t need one.)
3. Watch for any rot along the bottom of the pumpkin.
Pumpkins kept in a cool location should last several

Decorative nails
, $19.19-$33.99 per box of 100 to 1,000 1/2-inch nails, by DIY, Upholstery Supply; 662/280-0020

Topiary House Number Pumpkins

This is an arrangement that displays your street
address in seasonal style.When selecting your pumpkins
(one per house number), look for flat-bottomed ones
so they’ll stack more easily.
Wind a garden hose inside the bottom of a basket
(we used an old fruit basket)to create a sturdy base.
Cut a hole through opposite ends of each pumpkin with a carving knife
so the holeswill line up in the stack. Clean out pumpkins,
removing all of the seeds.
Print out numbers from your computer, or trace large house
numbers from a home center. Tape to the front of the pumpkins.
Gently dot around each number
with a pushpin to make a perforated line.

Pumpkin topiary

Download PDF numbers from our the Cottage Living site.

Pumkin topiary

photography: Jason Wallis
Pumpkin topiary
Scrape out each number lightly with a carving tool or peeler, going only
about halfway through the pumpkin flesh.
Stuff a string of white outdoor lights inside the pumpkins for a soft glow.
Unless you use battery-operated lights, you’ll need to cut a small hole in the
back of the bottom pumpkin so the cord can get to an electrical outlet.
Have a great day!

Pumpkin topiary