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Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar Announcement

28 Nov

 I have a few people who really want me to make more cookie sheet advent calendars. I figured that since I will be making a few, I might as well make up a big batch. 
So if you would like one, this is the last chance this year to get one. I will be making them up on Monday and sending them out on Tuesday the 1st. I will send them out Priority Mail which means they will get to you within 2-3 days — plenty of time to enjoy them this season. Priority mail costs between $10 and $13.50 to send — depending on where you live.
I am charging $30.00 {which my sister says is crazy since they take so much time to make}, and the price will go up next year for sure. So if you would like one, leave a comment or send me an email as soon as possible. I will be going to get the supplies tonight.

And, each one will be different, so they are not going to look exactly like this one. I promise they will be just as cute in their own way. And each will have the tin with the Christmas star which you can have your kids hang on the tree on Christmas Eve that represents the star of Bethlehem. 
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Tutorial: How to Make Cookie Sheet Calendars

3 Aug
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I have had a few people ask me to write a tutorial on how to make the Cookie sheet calendars. .


I made two different kinds: one kind to be used all year long and another Christmas advent calendar. Here are the materials you need to make the everyday calendar:

  • Baking sheet (Dollar Store)
  • 1 sheet of colored card stock (12 x 12)
  • 2 sheets of coordinating printed scrapbook paper (12 x 12)
  • spray glue
  • glitter
  • ribbon (for the top and also thin ribbon for embellishments)
  • Spray paint or craft paint
  • glue gun
  • thin tip sharpie marker (black)
  • paper cutter
  • small alphabet stamps (dollar section at Michael’s Crafts) this is optional. You can freehand the months if you like or print them off of the computer.
  • clear spray paint
  • label maker (optional)
  • magnets (43)
  • different sized numbers (I printed them out from different fonts on the computer)
  • Many small items**

**You need small, unique and quirky items to glue on for each day. This is what I used: poker chips, dominoes, scrabble pieces, pieces from board games, metal items like keys, glass cubes used for plant fillers, old buttons, clip cart, chipboard scrapbook embellishments, and whatever else you can find. The Dollar Store is a great place to look, also the craft store’s scrapbook section. Look around your house for small metal objects, or other small items. Use your imagination.

How to make Cookie sheet calendars

  1. First you need to drill two holes in the top of the baking sheet so you can hang it up when you are done. You might have sharp edges when you get done. Use sand paper or a metal file to smooth those edges.
  2. Then you need to paint your baking sheet. Make sure you rough it up first with sandpaper so the paint will stick. I found the easiest thing to do is spray paint the sheet.
  3. While the paint is drying, cut out your papers. Use the dimensions from the baking sheet and cut the printed scrapbook paper down to fit on the sheet. I found that making one side bigger than the other is more visually pleasing. After the printed paper is cut to the right size, cut your plain card stock to fit over the top. It should fit over most of the baking sheet – leaving a border at the top and one at the bottom of the printed paper.
  4. Now this is the tricky part, you need to measure the paper’s width and then divide that number by 7. Use a pencil, because you might need to make some changes to make this work. Once you have figured out the dimensions, do the same thing with the length — divide this area into 6 lines. Use a ruler to make the lines. When you are sure it is all even, use the fine tip sharpie and go over the lines with the permanent marker.
  5. If you have a small stamp pad, stamp the days of the week on the top of the first row on the length columns. If you don’t have tiny alphabet stamps, you can freehand the days or you can print them off of your computer and glue them in the columns.
  6. Now attach the colored card stock to the baking sheet. I used spray adhesive.
  7. Then it’s time to make the magnets. Put all of the embellishments together and lay them out on the grid before you attach the numbers. This way you can see how they look and rearrange before you add the numbers.
  8. Once you have all of the embellishments lined up the way you like it, hot glue the magnets to the back of each embellishment.
  9. Then you can add the numbers. I used a glue stick to attach them. I printed them off of the computer using different fonts, sizes and for some of the numbers I spelled out part of the number to add interest. You can also use stickers. And I also used a domino for one of the days, using the numbers on the domino to represent the day. I also used a label maker to add another look (this is optional).
  10. After attaching the numbers I used glitter to add a little sparkle to some of the dates.
  11. You need to make a separate magnet for each of the months. I made a scrolly header for these and used the first one as a pattern for the rest. I then cut them all out. I used rub on letters for my months, but you can use stickers, freehand using markers, or print them off of the computer and glue them on the sheets if you want. After attaching the month names, I then glittered the edges of the headers and let them dry. (Note: when not in use, the month magnets can be stored on the back side of the cookie sheet so they are not lost).
  12. To protect the surface it is a good idea to spray the entire baking sheet with a clear coat of spray paint. Once this is dry you can put the magnets on the cookie sheet.
  13. The last step is to attach the ribbon. Cut a generous amount of ribbon and thread it through the holes in the sheet. Tie in a bow.

This is great birthday gift. It also makes a fun Christmas present. You can also use it year after year. I will have a tutorial on how to make the Christmas Advent cookie sheet calendars in the fall as the Christmas season approaches.

Have a wonderful day!