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Creative Fridays: rustic yet elegant Burlap Magnet Board Tutorial

23 Oct

I am still in the middle of my burlap obsession. Seriously sometimes I wake up at night with another burlap idea. I have no idea why I am loving this medium so much. My friend is having a boutique next month and I am thinking of making up a bunch of these. What do you think? My favorite part is making the embellishments to go on top. So fun!
If you would like to make one, here’s the 411:
  1. Go down to Home Depot or your local hardware store. Pick out some plywood. I had the guys down there cut it to the lengths I wanted. And guess what? They did it for FREE!
  2. Go into the roofing department of that store and get some sheet metal. Mine came in a huge roll, but you can buy smaller portions. Make sure that you have some metal scissors. You can also get these at the hardware store.
  3. Take your cut plywood and wrap some batting around it. Now cut your burlap to wrap around the board. I made mine so that it would cover the entire board – front and back.
  4. Take your heavy duty staple gun and stretch the burlap tightly over the board – staple it together. I folded the seams under so the back has a finished look.
  5. Get out your measuring stick, measure around the outside of your board 1/2 inch (or whatever you like). Make a line all the way around with a pencil. This will make your upholstery tacks straight all the way around. Now go back around and mark off the spacing of where your tacks are going to go. On one of the boards I did 1 inch apart and the other I did 2 inches apart. I think they both look good.
  6. Now you need to measure the sheet metal. I used a t-square to make sure it was completely straight. You want a little space for your burlap to show and also leave room for the upholstery tacks that go around the whole thing. Figure out what that measurement is and then make a line with pencil on the metal. Cut along that line with your metal shears – make sure to keep a steady pressure on the scissors so the metal doesn’t ripple.
  7. Now pound in the upholstery tacks with a hammer.
  8. Now hot glue the sheet metal onto your board. Make sure to use plenty of glue. One nice thing is that the burlap holds the glue really well. You also want to be sure to get the edges really well so the edges are glued down.
  9. Now take some ribbon or whatever you have to cover up the edges. And actually, if you cut straight and the edges look good you may not have to do this step. Hot glue the ribbon on to the center of the edge of the metal. Try to make it as straight as you can. I put a dot of glue at the top of each side and then put a line of glue all the way down the side and then quickly stretched the ribbon all the way over the top so it was straight and then put it down onto the glue. This way there were no gaps.
  10. Now you can make your embellishment on the top. On one of the boards I made a big flower and glued the edges under. The other board I cut a long strip of skinny burlap and then wrapped that around to make flowers. I finished it off by adding a special button to the center of each flower.
  11. And you are done!
I am linking this post up to The Inspired Room’s Beautiful Life Friday and Someday Craft’s Burlap Party! Go on over and see all of the fun project ideas that people have made to make their homes more beautiful!
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

5 Oct
Recently while waiting around at the orthodontist’s office I stumbled upon my now favorite magazine: Cottage Living. How did I not know about this magazine before? It is so cute.
This month they have some really fun pumpkin decorating ideas.
Here are my favorites:

No Carve Pumpkins
Aren’t these cool? Here is how you make them:

1. Use a pencil to to mark your desired pattern. Decorative nails,
also known as nailheads, are sold in sizes ranging from 5/16 inch
to 1 inch or larger. A supply of 4 dozen 1/2-inch nailheads should be sufficient for decorating a medium-size pumpkin.
2. Push the nail points into a pattern on your pumpkin. Use a small
hammer, if necessary. (We didn’t need one.)
3. Watch for any rot along the bottom of the pumpkin.
Pumpkins kept in a cool location should last several

Decorative nails
, $19.19-$33.99 per box of 100 to 1,000 1/2-inch nails, by DIY, Upholstery Supply; 662/280-0020

Topiary House Number Pumpkins

This is an arrangement that displays your street
address in seasonal style.When selecting your pumpkins
(one per house number), look for flat-bottomed ones
so they’ll stack more easily.
Wind a garden hose inside the bottom of a basket
(we used an old fruit basket)to create a sturdy base.
Cut a hole through opposite ends of each pumpkin with a carving knife
so the holeswill line up in the stack. Clean out pumpkins,
removing all of the seeds.
Print out numbers from your computer, or trace large house
numbers from a home center. Tape to the front of the pumpkins.
Gently dot around each number
with a pushpin to make a perforated line.

Pumpkin topiary

Download PDF numbers from our the Cottage Living site.

Pumkin topiary

photography: Jason Wallis
Pumpkin topiary
Scrape out each number lightly with a carving tool or peeler, going only
about halfway through the pumpkin flesh.
Stuff a string of white outdoor lights inside the pumpkins for a soft glow.
Unless you use battery-operated lights, you’ll need to cut a small hole in the
back of the bottom pumpkin so the cord can get to an electrical outlet.
Have a great day!

Pumpkin topiary