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Friend Makin’ Mondays: Celebrity Crush

20 Apr

Andrea Leigh from My Chihuahua Bites is hosting Friend Makin’ Monday this week. And we’re talking about our celebrity crushes.

{Patrick Dempsey}

Hey, I liked him in 1987’s “Can’t Buy Me Love” when he was a geek.
He seems like a rally nice person and a great dad.
{Viggo Mortensen}

I watched the Lord of the Ring movies just to see this face up close.
I love that he is also a poet, author and a musician.
{Rob Pattinson}

Of course I had to include “Edward”.
No one compares to Edward – it’s too bad he doesn’t exist in real life.
I like Rob Pattinson on screen.
Off-screen he doesn’t even come close to Edward.
{Adam Brody}

I know he’s a little young to be on the list,
but I loved his character Seth on the “OC”.
A little bit geeky, but adorable!
{Rob Lowe}

Of course I save the best for last.
He’s been at the top of my celebrity crush list for many, many years.

So cute!

So who’s at the top of your list?
To join in the fun, go on over to My Chihuahua Bites and link up!
Have a Wonderful Monday!