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Cupcake Wreath Update

25 Mar
Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers today! Hayley’s operation went really well. She is home on medicine and crutches, but feeling pretty good overall. 

I added a link system to my Cupcake Wreath. I know there are many of you who have made this wreath, or a variation of it. And yours are so cute — I loved seeing all of your ideas and changes!  
I thought it would be fun for anyone who might want to make it in the future to be able to come over to YOUR blogs and see your spin on it.
I also found a new link system — one that has pictures, not just links! I am so excited to use it for the Weekend Wrap Up Party!! 
So link up — pretty please???
HERE is the link.
And, guess what I’ve been doing tonight? My 10 year old came home from school with a sore throat. Yep — Strep. 

I Hope you are having a great week!