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My Little China Girl: design ideas needed!

1 Nov
Now that Halloween is over, I can move on to my next pressing thing on my to-do list. Do you remember how my daughter Hannah asked for a room makeover for her last birthday? I decided at the last minute to redo her room with a Paris theme.
Well that made a big impression on my 4 year old. Ever since she has been talking about how what she wants for her birthday is a room redo too. And to be honest, her room really does need a redo. I painted it 7 years ago when we first moved into this house. She has a hand me down bed, bedding, furniture. It is a little bit of a hodge-podge. Now, guess what theme she has been talking about for the past 6 months!
She wants a PINK, “CHINESE” bedroom.
With that in mind, when I was in China Town in San Francisco last June, I picked up some wonderful Asian paper umbrellas. And since then I have been collecting a few other things like a couple lacquered boxes and some lanterns. So I have almost exactly one month to figure this out, get all of the materials, paint her furniture, make the bedding, paint the room and whatever else I need to do.
I would love some design ideas!
I love the idea of Cherry Blossoms and I think that is going to be the idea that I base this room on. Here are some inspiration pics that I have found:
Thanks so much!
Have a Wonderful Day!