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HalloweenTime at Disneyland

23 Oct

Hi — we’re back from Disneyland. We had a great time — the weather was beautiful!

The main reason I started this blog was to vent some creative energy and post pictures about my family so I can make a blurb book. Probably anyone reading this post knows what a blurb book is but if you don’t you should check out the link. It’s so cool. I realized that I have been posting mostly random musings, projects and things I think are cool and not many pictures of my family, so this post is one for the blurb book.

Tomorrow I will try to come up for something for “Creative Fridays” or if that fails I will post something about my “favorite Things” which I missed on Wednesday due to our trip. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Here were are in California Adventures about to get hot dogs for lunch!

Ella and I tearing it up on the bumper cars in A Bugs Life at California Adventures. Moments before we won those “Year of a Million Dreams” hats!

Spooky ambiance!

This is our first ride we went on the carousel — Ella’s choice!

Hannah posing outside of the Lego Store at Downtown Disney

Nick and Ella at California Adventure

Dad with his girls


Hannah and Ella – worn out from all of the Disneyland fun

Hannah on the ” Mark Twain”

Hannah – living large on Dumbo!

Hayley on the jellyfish ride at California Adventures

Mom and Ella on the Toy Story Ride

We took a detour to Sprinkles!!!!

Mmmm….. delicious!

Hannah — savoring her coconut cupcake.

Our selections for the day