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How to Install Decorative Doorknobs {Kitchen Sneak Peek}!!

25 Aug
I love my aqua-ish door, but I wanted a really cool doorknob to jazz it up a little. 

I looked at every hardware store and all I could find was Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickle, Chrome or the ever-popular Brass {which I have all over my house}. I really wanted a crystal or ceramic knob. And I did find some crystal knobs but at over $100 per set, they were a little out of my price range.

Then the other day I was at Hobby Lobby and they had all of their knobs half off. I found a glass knob with an antique brass finish. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I liked the shape of the knob and the fact that it was glass. Plus, it ended up being about $10.

I have bought a few decorative knobs like this and they are not made to fit modern doors. It takes a little figuring out how to make these knobs work on a basic door. So I thought I’d share what I do to make them work on my doors.

  1. The first thing I did was I sprayed my knob with a metallic spray paint. I think it modernizes the knob a little and I like the way the silver makes the glass pop. 
  2. A really nifty trick I heard about was wrapping the knob in tin foil. And it works great. Much easier than taping it all off. 
  3. All sprayed.
  4. Once it was sprayed. I had to swap out the middle door knob spindle because the one that came with the knob was square, and my doors all have a circular mechanism.
  5. I also had to use a hacksaw to trim the ends of the spindle so that it was the right length.

The last thing I did was I found some long screws that fit inside of the holes on the side of the doorknob and go all the way through the outer doorknob casing, through the holes in the mechanism and then out the thread into the other side of the door knob. This holds the doorknob in place. I have tried attaching the door knob without these screws and eventually all of the door turning causes the doorknob to fall off.

Another thing that I did was I added some hooks to the back of my pantry door and attached a shoe organizer to it. It’s a great place to keep things like salt and pepper shakers, spices and things that the kids need to get out. That way they are not climbing all over the pantry shelves trying to find things.

And I was looking for a small frame to make a chalkboard and attach it to the outside of the door, when I discovered this FAB mirror turned chalkboard. My friend Sausha from Show and Tell had it for sale, so I snatched it up! {she has an awesome blog — and she’s going to be on the Nate Show!!}

I was hoping it would fit on the outside of my door, but it’s so big that I decided to hang it to the side of the door. I love having a chalkboard because it’s where we keep track of who is cooking which night of the week and what they are making — we use the  Food Nanny system. 

And check out these cute little turquoise knobs I found to go above my desk in the kitchen! I love them. I found them at Anthropologie.

  1. Create a Kitchen Focal Point– with beadboard
  2. Stenciled Pillows
  3. Stenciled Faux Roman Shades
  4. Island {haven’t blogged about that yet}

I am getting close to having the kitchen ready for the big reveal! 
Only a few more projects to go!! Here’s a little taste of what it looks like so far!

Have a SUPER Day!!! 

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