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I Like Cotton Candy

25 Aug

Last night was Ella’s first soccer game. She has been wearing her uniform around for the past 3 days in anticipation. We bought her a little soccer ball and she spent hours kicking it around in the backyard. It was so much fun watching the little 4 year old girls running around in a huddle trying to kick the ball. They didn’t really know which direction they were supposed to be going. Ella had a wonderful time.

Meet the team: Pink Cotton Candy
Today’s the last day of Summer break.
School starts tomorrow — ack!

Introducing my best blogging friend: Dave

23 Apr

Isn’t he great? So steady and supportive.

(he makes blogging on the couch so comfy!)

Jeff brought him home for me from IKEA

(his name really is Dave! — $20)
It’s going to be nice today.
Out to the yard for me.
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wordless Wednesday: Cookin’ Cuties

4 Mar

I am working on a fun Spring kitchen project that has been floating around blog land lately — I will share it on Friday. I can’t wait for Spring!

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Tales from the Pajama Party

8 Dec
It is hard to believe that Ella is four years old. It seems like only yesterday I saw her face for the first time.

So tiny, so sweet, so helpless…

Saw her sit up for the first time…

Celebrated her first birthday…

Watcher her learn to crawl…

Took her to see the ocean for the first time…

watched her turn two…

Then she turned three, life started speeding up…

Now she is four. We celebrated by having a pajama party…

With her closest little friends…

We decorated pillow cases, played games and had cake…

Then the party ended, the parents came…

and stayed to play Rock Band until midnight….

I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all…
And to all a good night….

Thankful Thursdays: Playdates

20 Nov

Today on Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for playdates. Ella, being quite a bit younger than her siblings, spends much of time with just me for company. As a result she has a wonderful imagination and loves any time spent with other children.

This year she started pre-school with a little girl who she just loves. On Tuesday and Thursdays she and her little friend play before they go to preschool and Ella just loves it. Also, her friend’s mom and I switch off watching them and it gives me 4 WHOLE hours of getting errands done on Tuesdays when I drop her off at her friend’s house. So YAH for playdates!

HSM3 Hysteria

28 Oct

I know a 3 year old and a 9 year old who can’t wait to see Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor and of course Sharpay!

Nostalgic Moment

17 Aug

Do you remember Saturday nights spent getting “beautiful” for Sunday? Long showers followed by getting your hair twisted into sponge rollers? Sometimes we would even be able to watch Love Boat and once in a while, if we had a babysitter, we would even be able to watch part of Fantasy Island! I remember mostly the feeling of trying to sleep on a couple dozen of those curlers all night. I think at the time I vowed that I would not inflict that torture on any of my kids.

So I think it’s funny that my two youngest girls will beg me on Saturday nights for a bath and then “pink rollers”. They love having their hair tugged into curlers in the anticipation of ringlets the next day. They love to dance around with their curlers and fancy nightgowns. It will be a sad day when they decide they are too old for Saturday Night curlers.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fun in the Sun

31 Jul
There’s nothing like a slip-n-slide to while away an afternoon. Of course accompanied by otterpops!

Now that’s what summer’s all about!