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Thankful Thursdays: Playdates

20 Nov

Today on Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for playdates. Ella, being quite a bit younger than her siblings, spends much of time with just me for company. As a result she has a wonderful imagination and loves any time spent with other children.

This year she started pre-school with a little girl who she just loves. On Tuesday and Thursdays she and her little friend play before they go to preschool and Ella just loves it. Also, her friend’s mom and I switch off watching them and it gives me 4 WHOLE hours of getting errands done on Tuesdays when I drop her off at her friend’s house. So YAH for playdates!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ashley

11 Nov
This weekend my mom, sister Wendy and I went out to sunny California for a spa weekend to celebrate my little sister Ashley’s birthday. Ashley is pregnant with her first baby — and stylish as ever. We stayed at a spa in Sonoma the first two nights and then at Ashley’s cute loft in San Francisco the last night.

This is “Flaunt” her store in San Francisco
This is Poppy — one of her two King Charles Cavaliers.

Ashley, her husband Nick and Mom at Ashley and Nick’s loft
So much fun!!!