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Creative Fridays: Back to School Hair Clips

21 Aug

Five more days until school starts. I still can’t believe it! I think we’re ready. Yesterday I took my oldest to high school orientation. Yikes – how did I get old enough to have a child entering high school?!! We waited in line for 2 hours to get a locker. But it was fun to explore the school and meet his teachers.We have new outfits for the first day, backpacks, school supplies, lunch boxes. And I had been meaning to make these clips this summer, but time got away from me. So last night I made some clips for the girls to brighten up their outfits this fall.
I got out a container of odds and ends – old costume jewelry, pins, earrings. I also used some scrapbooking supplies, beads, vintage buttons and, of course, ribbon.

Supplies needed to make Flower Clips:

  • Metal clips (from the craft store)
  • Glue gun
  • Flowers (I bought mine at the craft store — on sale for .60 each)
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishments: scrapbooking do dads, small beads, old jewelry, mismatched earrings, old buttons.


  • Take the metal clip, wrap your ribbon around the top and back of the clip and then around the bottom, leaving about 1/2 inch on each end so you can tuck those under the ends of the clip.
  • Run a line of glue down the top of the clip.
  • Immediately put your ribbon on the glue – make sure it is straight.
  • Turn the clip over so the hinges of the clip are visible. Put a dot of glue on each of the ends of the hinge. Immediately pull your ribbon over the end of the clip onto the hinge on both sides and hold for a minute.
  • Turn the clip over and run another line of glue down the bottom side of the clip. Immediately pull your ribbon taut over the side and smooth with your fingers.
  • Now you should have the entire clip covered with ribbon. The ends of the ribbon should be loose over the tips of the clip.
  • Open the clip and hold it open while you put a bead of glue on the tip of the top prong of the clip. Fold the ribbon and press it down onto the bead of glue. Hold for a second until it cools.
  • Turn your clip over and repeat the step for this side of the clip.
  • Now you can embellish the top of your clip any way you like.

I used a glue gun to attach most of the embellishments. If you would like to make the clips with the small beads, use a different kind of glue like e6000.

Have a great weekend!